Wow look at these on ebay...Stroker Trucks BUY NOW $2,261.47

#1 … :middle:au


a good pair just went for $300 US, mint NOS has gone for $1200 US before but these days, who knows.

Maybe if anyone wins Oz Lotto tonight they can buy em and give em to me!

Has to be one of the best fun slalom trucks Ive ever riden


were they adjustable? what were they like? Looks like to much to go wrong on first sight.

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If you ever get a chance to meet Bernie, he actually uses his stoker and I would have to say they are the most fun truck for a slalom or cruising board ever.
But 2k? mmm a bit steep.


they are great to ride, i love bernies they are something else, if only i had that much money around


That’s still not enough to make me put it in a display case.
Slam come to CHC3 for a ride on it.

These are also available…not mint, so no guilt for riding…GOG eaters! … 1|294%3A50

Expect AUD$400 each truck… Anyone wanna go halves…?
Auction ends 1am 18June


Id go halves in the bid with you but what am I going to do with 1 stroker instead of 2?

think the 2k buy it now is just “fishing” probably be lucky to go for US $1000 in this economic climate.

Major Slam,
not sure if the trucks are adjustable (maybe change the springs?). Riding is something else takes a few goes to get use to them as they move differently to Grindking trucks., must say its one of the most fun trucks Ive ever had the chance to ride.


Nice. Tempted to put a bid in but I reckon the buy it now price is insane.


Pair it with an airflow…

camber and caster is fixed, but you can adjust for toe-in…just like a front end alignment on a car, and spring rates like mosu noted.
damping would be possible by puting a thin fibre washer in the centre pivot, like on the old girder front ends on 1920’s motorcycles, if you don’t like the twitchy way it rides when you first get on it.


Freaky ass Trucks those Stokers, over engineered, too many wearing components and way too much maintenance required.
Alright for a collector but what else could you buy for that sort of money that would be of equal historical significance. :smiley:


Thanks Bernie & Mosu for the info.

Would love to have a go on them if I can make it to CHC3 or even just a proper look at them would be good.

I do remember them being for sale back in the day but even then they were about three times the price of everything else, But with good reason I reckon.


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