There is a picture of you Bill - with a destroy the doctor T-shirt.


Thought you would make comment about the last shot being my backside…literally
some fantastic shots in that clip, world class stuff


Nice One Braden, Nice One.


Great stuff - truly hits the mark


(ok - but i’ll be banned) - you promised to learn a new trick for next year one-T.


:open_mouth: Nice work there Braden…great to see it all together…


Many places and faces. Good stuff. Even a pic of Rydge St ramp from 1986 by Dave Pang with the Lee Ralph backside air shot. 8)


Cheers for all the props …as Scott said, once you guys did all the hard work… the editor has the easiest job in the world.

The charlie site V2.0 should have some sort of video hosting capabilities, so everyone can post high res madness.


:astonished: charlie V2, whooo hoooo


Its hard to put in words how much I appreciate what Braden has done with Charlie. In not quite two years he has brought the Australian OG skateboard community an online clubroom that has made all our lives so much the better. This started around the same time I got back into skateboarding and although some of us MAS*H ers wernt true to the faith in the 80’s and 90’s I have witnessed those years here online in words and pics.
Braden Schlager - for the love of skateboarding. 8)


I too owe Charlie/Braden three cheers and many beers. Since finding out about CharlieDontSkate, I’ve got back on a board, learnt more tricks and had more injuries than I did as a kid (all in 6 months)! YEHAR!


:blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:


nice work braden,cool as 8) …boomer


the butcher likes the charlie movie. good work braden.


For once having lunch at work at my desk was not so bad…

Keep up the good work, excellent stuff, I even spotted myself in there! :wink:


Very origional loved the B52’s soundtrack.

So that’s who charlie don’t skate is, like I didn’t already know it!


“I was miserable in the haze of a sober hour, but heaven knows I’m happy now”.

Thanks Braden!!!


Sean, shouldn’t you be quoting your ancestor, Alfred de Musset, renowned French symboliste poet? (c’est un surpris, bien sur, mais c’est vrai! un petite oiseux a dite moi)


êtes vous un oiseau?


Dear Doctor. I laughed so hard when I saw the Holy Grail animation I had to put my leatherette semi-executive computer geek chair out for the council pick up. Thank Bogaerts I saw you at Bondi yesty and know how you know what you know about me.
“Now go away, you wiper of other peoples bottoms.”