WHAT GOT YOU RIDING AGAIN???..a true story!
So what got you riding again?
Here’s my story!
I worked with sydney water and often saw new (skate) park’s that would pop-up over the year’s and SIGH! :cry:
Then i saw a new park being built in riverwood( kidney pool )and was blown away (i so wanted to carve and grind again)
Soon after Rollerball rang me and asked me to attend a FIN memorerial at riverwood(04) and i didn’t hestitate to show.

  • i should note i did continue to skate throughout the years but it was spaciously (2002 old school and several park’s since “93”)
    I rocked up to riverwood and a few people recognized me(cool), but seeing old contemporaries riding so well and having fun WELL…THE REST IS HISTORY!!! :smiley:
    Before this period i spent endless night’s thinking about skateboarding, Now i know it’s because i had un-finished BUSINESS!!! 8)

Needed to replicate the feel of snowboarding during the summer. 70s downhill motion fast-forwarded to 21st century downhill motion.


After speaking to my mate Boris a while ago, he put it to me so well, if you were a skater, you never really quit, but just hang it up for a while, like your car keys, when your not driving you just hang them until you need it or have an urge, it never goes away, anyway something like that.
After Rivers Edge closed and things went scary quiet, I hung the board up, but I still attended demos to watch if there was a traveling pro going through town, or look at boards in a shop if they where old , or take notice at work or landscapes and thought you could skate that. Those things I think set skateboarders apart from traditional bat and ball activities.

Well my story which has been told somewhere along the line,
Possibly was it late 03, or summer that year into 04, i seen a sticker when I got out the water at 13th on a subaru (which later discovered down the track its Bret’s car (RIP), it read Melbourne Old School Skate sessions, yes the ol’ road riders emblem, thats what caught my eye due to the familiarity of the print (santa Cruz I was thinking, wow a skateboard sticker).
So I hung around to question but time got the better of me.

A month later im driving through Melbs and come across this longboard store, get my mate to stop so i can investigate, you guys know who and they have the good skateboard stuff that takes me back to my time in the 80’s (powell peralta decks for sale).
I ask the lady about a sticker I had seen and she replied yes, you just need an email so you can go the the list for sessions.
So after getting some mail a gig comes up for a bowl tour for the MOSS Jam, the first one.
This is when it gets good.
I decided to go on the friday and miss my train, due to not having a license at the time, so I hitch hike from Geelong at Latrobe Tce with my Vision Bag.
A car locks it up and comes back to get me, i cant believe my luck, a ride. It turns out to be Zack and Shane from Zacks surf shop, they just finished surfing and noticed something when I was there on the road, the Vision Bag. Anyway we get all chatting and I said what I was up to and exchanged stories about then and what Im doing now, they then knew exactly what I was going to Fitzroy and who I would meet. They drove me straight there and low and Behold, Marty is there whom they said I would meet, Wedge turns up with Dale Halepin and we just skate together.
Then I hook up with these lads, still shocked by my luck and we eat and go to the New Northcote, I was blown away by the bowl then but now is a little different, anyway, Pangy, Matt Grant and Tony Hallam are skating, next Sac turns up with a dude.
I was a grommet when these guys were rulling and in all the mags I had at home made me lost for words, stoked to be here at this time.
All the planets aligned, it was meant to be.

Here I am again rolling still, just put it on hold for a while, the facilities keep improving, now travelling is easier and getting any product you like is not a problem.
The Bucky Lasek still sits in the shed, the bones bearings still spun and got me back. GodBless it, I got it signed a few years back when Bucky was on the Billabong Tour but thats another story




New skate park down the road [ Dulwhich hill] and the fact that it was OK to pad up and wear a helment.
For about two months myself ,Skoot ,Steve machine, would try to carve around dulwich hill finding new lines and lerning to kick turn on banks and quarters that end at vert.
I had know idea that this was the geneis of the mash crew. The three of us could not drop in , kick turn and would carve at speeds that looked like old people having sex.
I remeber my first frontside carve it was amazing. I was lucky because Skoot and steve were a little more advanced than me , and would get a kick out of teaching me something new. I’m so clad I walked the dog that day and meet those guys they changed my life forever :smiley:


for me it was two essential parts that still get me stoked,

the first and main reason is DAMON(mini manny),watching him trying to outshine each run he’s done where ever it is we skate,and progressing with new tricks or upping the ante on an already aquired trick :smiling_imp:

and second,but by no means of less importance!

THE RIVOHOODS;scotto,tatz,eman ian,dave c,johnny dee,chris aka crispy kurtis :smiling_imp:

also would like to pay my respects to the MAS*H & S.O.S guys who have passed on their tips,knowledge and wacky sense of humour :open_mouth: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Longer wheelbases and wider boards. only stopped because you could only get unridable shit (tiny wheels, skinny boards) for a while.


Which time?

early 90s: Dave Mock and Adrian Jones turn up at my house in Newtown. First contact in many years. Take me to Dulwich Hill - just the donut then. Discover that a bunch of old mates like Biff, Fox, and Trevor King are skating there every weekend. We did that for at least another year.

Skated for a few years - chatswood pool, bondi mini and street, but no vert bowls like we have now (got to meet Chad Ford, Chris Holland, Hoffy, and Scott Spring at bondi mini) then it sort of fizzled again. Then the first oldschool jam at Maroubra got things going again, but I coud only get down here to skate for a few weeks a year, because I moved to Newcastle in 99.

Living in Newcastle from 99 to 2008 made skating a very on and off thing. (thank God for Naccos in the last few years). So I’m just startng again now :smiling_imp: :laughing:


ill bet we all have an interesting tale to tell.
well i have to thank jimi. h. for rekindling my bug to sk8 again.
in 1 of his fine songs he sings about travelling to and sk8ting melton, hearing this warmed me and brought back fond memories.
eventually, after a gig, i spoke with him about music and sk8ting, and how we used to love melton. i dont think he believed me, you see, i was 135 kg and half cut. after i announced who i was, he remembered and told me about about m.o.s.s. i went home chuffed that night.
that got the ball rolling for me, we started coming along on tue nights straight away. i couldnt believe how many blokes were there, and their skill levels.
after a few nights i decided to have a go, found the sk8 bag in the corner of the shed, bag and rectors all chewed up but sk8s still intact, bloody dogs. got new safety gear, and eased back into it, and havent looked back since.
ive sobered up, lost heaps of weight, and most importantly, found somewhere i belong. thanks one and all, cheers, h .


a pretty simple story, - Being a child of the eighties I grew up on the board admiring all the pro’s and building jump ramps, day trips to the park’s etc… gave it away when dad bought me my first car… always kept a board around the place for the occasional roll, but What Got Me Back Into Skating, was visiting the GoldCoast on a work trip and spotting an original Powell & Peralta in a shop window - on closer inspection there were heaps of reissues from the eighties in the shop I HAD TO HAVE ONE! - (charlie member -Trent, aka clearfilms works at this store DARKSIDE) the obsession was rekindled and I love a skate more than I did as a youngster. not nearly as well as I could as a youngster. I get around the parks on occasion and stinkbug up everybodys style. have a roll on my recently finished 4ft ramp, and dabbling around with high speed downhill…

till I die


It was early 2006 and I was in clothing store at Kingscliff keeping the cheese and kisses company when I spotted a repro Vision Street Wear tee shirt. I had to have it and bought it and wore it all that afternoon thinking - “look at me be cool. I’m a skater from the 80s” The next day I decided to dig around the shed and find my old board (Aerial deck with Vision Hurricanes and Tracker Six Tracks with Copers). Cleaned it up, the following weekend visited the little park down the road (Nerang) and scared some kiddies with that set up. That’s when I started rolling again. Soon after I bought a Cab NOS from Darkside in Surfers Paradise and discovered all the cool new gear available for Old Schoolers - and this time around I had plenty’o credit on the plastic to get just about what I wanted. Soon after I found some old mates via the www and BOSS (Toby, Andy Mac, Johnny Kwala, Gary Nolan) had a few skates with them. Attended the BOSS Jam 06 and met a few CDS guys and the rest is history. All the new parks coming on line on the Goldie is giving me a whole new stoke.

I did have a crack in the late 90’s when I bought a Kewday Deck and mini logo wheels. Hated that set up and everything about skating at that time and stopped.

So glad I found that Vision tee in '06.



Sorry , but Danny Van and I don’t understand the question !!! lol !


My builder and all round good chap, MustangMark.


Im going the other way over the last few months…so you have all started to skate again just Im about to stop…(Vert is dead thats all)…typical…skating less and less…but see…Damn…I should never have called you up that day for a skate boris…lol…


In late 06 I was over my Job/Hobby and saw an article about old blokes getting back into skating. So I bought a cheap set up and started to go to the local skatepark and skate early mornings when no one was around.
In Jan 07 my Dad passed away and I wasn’t feeling that great about anything and figured I was at a point in my life where I could have gone one way or the other. So I decided to get right into skating and built a mini ramp in the backyard and thru CDS I got a reply from Andy Mack and Cam that there is a thing called BOSS. Andy came over 1 arvo for a roll and from there I got invited to the K ramp whenever there was a sesh on. Now there is no stopping me, I’ve met a few blokes that I really enjoy and feel comfortable skating with and have the time of my life whenever I get a chance to have a roll. I don’t know whether skating again saved my life but because of it I’m living a life I’m proud of.


What Jimmy said - it never left you did it? I sported myself probably four boards over the 15 -20 years I wasn’t really skating. Skateboard World, Chatswood, Hi-Jinx - the combo of some $ and a rush of blood had me buying the things before I knew even why. My Mrs would ask how much and why and I almost didn’t know :unamused:

My eldest James wasn’t into Soccer etc (thank f*ck) so one Christmas Santa got him a board. Him and his mate next door dicked around on em then sorta lost interest. Then a year or so on he sparked again and I got him a decent setup for his 13 b’day.

All the while I’d started collecting a few old boards off ebay soon after DT&Z-boys. One I got from Braden. We emailed back and forth, he started CDS. I met Muz, Skoot and The Machine at Dulwich Hill one Sunday and the rest is, well it’s still happening.

So, thanks James and thanks Braden. Thanks MASH for giving us all something special. I hope to go greyer, balder or a combination of the two rollin and hangin with you brothers for the forseeable future.


Also never really left me, skated every now and then 'till 2001, when skating padless, which I was never all that comfortable doing, I broke my wrist. Thought that was the end of my days pushing myself on ramps or bowls.
Then late 2006 was about to check my email at work on yahoo and there was a photo of Errol with an article about SOS and CDS. Quick look at this charliedontskate site confirmed it-decent pads, big squaretail boards, skaters whose mum isn’t sitting in the carpark eyeing me suspiciously! Couple of days later stopped by the very near to completion Five Dock (used to live reasonably close) to have a look-Jaw dropped. I had to skate that thing. Within 2 weeks I got myself a new board and complete set of pads-about a week later Five Dock opened…


I remember my last skate in the 90’s quite well. It was mid '94, i’d just got married, we were living in Maitland :blush: ,(I was teaching up the valley) Gravel, Macca and Goog came and got me and we went and skated Kurri snake run and had a ball. (I remember Goog and I went snowboarding that winter too.)

I had very infrequent skates (annual?) skate round the streets over the ‘dark age’ years.

Then in '04 I’m lying next to my Mrs by a pool in a resort on the Gold Coast contemplating my upcoming 40th birthday and wondering what everyone was up to. A visit to the excellent Darkside skate shop in Surfers and the occasional peep at early Concrete Wave mags got me inspired too.

Sometime shortly after, I remember we went and skated Kariong together and everything just sort of flowed on from there. Met the Central Coast boys, started seshing Slam, Remo got built etc,etc. (Started hurting myself :cry: )


I would drop my girl at badminton next to monster sit in the car and read a book for 4 hours then i started to notice the kids riding the bowls at the front the 3rd time i took her their something just came alive i rushed out and bought a second hand deck as my mum threw my boards out.I then proceeded to make up for 10 years of not slamming i slammed so hard at that ramp i think the skate gods were punishing me for leaving them behind for all those years :imp: :imp:


Stopped sk8ing about 88, was more a freestyle skater really, was never really good at vertical skating. Started to skate Harris Park bowl from about 1978, thats where I met Danny Van. A mate of ours built a ramp at his place in 1979 we use to hang there and skate all day. If there was no surf, we always be looking for somewhere to skate. Danny was always the rad skater even at 13 years old he would always be trying to push the limit. Had some great times surfing and skating with the boys back then. The last board that I had was a hand me down from Danny, it was an Ozi deck with Gullwing super pro trucks, and sims snakes. Ended up meeting the love of my life and got married in 87, moved up to the Mountians. Nowhere to skate up here back then, got sick and tired of sk8ing to the paper shop and back, and gave my board to a mates son (who swapped it with his mate for a gameboy) wish I had never given it away. Anyway bought a board for my son a year ago for his 11th birthday, took him down to the local at Glenbrook to have a roll, and had a go myself, had a ball but didn’t like the feel of my sons board. So this year the misses and the kids got me an old school board for Fathers day, and I am giving it a go again. At 47 I dont know how long I will last with all the aches and pains, but its feels good to be on a board again.