What are you riding


Ok I couldnt find the old thread so thought I post a new thread.

Retiring the old deck and just setup

Theeves trucks seem excellent to me my only complaint is that I mistakenly ordered 5.5 trucks instead of 5.85 which has forced me to set up an 8.1 inch deck


ironically i bought a new powell hotrod,tracker160 darts,powell95 bowlriders and had the great joy of ripping a leg muscle being a drunken carefree frolicker at the beach across the street before i could step on.

now iam just looking at it.yeah,it looks groovy and sweet!i’m imagining it will be really really good!nice concave dogears in tail,flame graphic like bad dudes have,fresh sweet big wheels,1/4 inch risers.
just have to wait till this sensation of having a four day cramp passes.
iam chuffed i can make gasping noises to express pain instead of big swear words!

can’t wait to do some laybacks and tailgrab nosegrinds.there are some new chuffy ornate street garden ledge obstacles up here i have not waxed up yet,looks like the sweet big nose will be good for it,maybe i will attach one rail to the frontside edge of the deck to see what that is like?


yes well,now i have ridden it ,i dont really fancy soft sticky 95 wheels<i like more grumbly slippery 100+s> but am super chuffed these new trackers actually turn?!?wankie shite aye?

out of curiousity,your picture at top had a nose-bone,are ‘ratnuts’/sexbolts’ still available in some paradigm?


yes ratnuts are still available, I got mine with the jawbone. there are heaps on ebay with the ratnuts

or you can get them seperate thru sk8kings

sk8kings.com/Merchant2/merch … ry_Code=FR

although I prefer to deal with Socal these guys have a good reputation

edit should add im not 100% certain these are the exact same dimensions as powell rat nuts but they should do the job.

Im wondering if you could find a machinist shop and ask them to copy a rat nut and bolt, might work out cheaper. if you did I’ll buy 2 dozen provided the price isnt to bad, could be an opportunity to make some coin if the price is reasonable


not a bad setup there MOSU…1 and only 1 complaint! LOSE THE FREAK’N NOSEBONE ITS 2010 NOT 1910 :smiling_imp: :laughing:

me i’m a happy as a pig in shit with my O.M.A. adrian jones deck with 169 INDYS(NO LESS :smiling_imp: ) black bones bushings,chris miller SPF’s 60mm and blue swiss bearings which i have rolled for over the last 2yrs(which is a lot of bloody miles)

when will i see you down the HOOD again MOSU? :unamused:


I have to have a nose bone so I look cool as I walk thru the local shopping mall :laughing:

I dont usually ride 8.1 inch decks but I got some new theeve trucks and had to set up something once I realised i f&#ked up the size

for those who want to know theeves 5.25= 8.1 inch deck apparently 5.85 is 8.5 inch deck

Im trying to organise leave passes for an episode at Da Hood so far August in 2012 is looking good (assuming the Mayans are incorrect and the world doesnt actually end) maybe sooner who knows :cry:


2012 you say :unamused: ?..well if the mayans were so bloody smart how come they didn’t see their own demise :question: :arrow_right: HUH HUH :exclamation: :bulb:

anyways,i’ll still be skating there :smiling_imp: and yes apparently just owning a deck and walking through the shopping centre screams “look at me i’m ubber cool” ??? or is it "god i’m so fake i hope no ones gets wind of it :blush: " :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

well i can wait to see you down there,still waiting for more “non” locals to actually get their arses down here…i need a break from all the endless runs one can get,and i need to sharpen my snaking skills hahaha

see ya round 8)


mate its no contest practising snaking me! :laughing:


hey,those 95 wheels dug right in on a downhill doing a slide and i burned my palms all leathery,now it feels like someone else is entertaining me in a gentleman’s way.hahahaha.