Warped Decks.


Hey brothers.
Two brothers and myself have been the recipients of warped skateboard decks purchased recently from reputable suppliers .
Is this caused by the extreme heat of summer,humidity or poor storage practices of suppliers? . I Remember reading a thread on another forum about Mick( Astro Boy ) Mulhall’s shop decks being stored in a humidity controlled enviroment ,is this the answer???.


saw this years ago with go kart racing engines with rusty thumb prints in bores and on measuring up motors were out of whack all over, the best grade stayed in usa and japan were the big dollars were.

not saying thats what is happening with our skate prod bot have often wondered.

even in the 80,s and presently you can pick up a deck and sight down it and spot a twist down it, maybe its just the tree trying to be a tree?

early wheel grahics prints would be wobbbly

then and even now some wheels will have air bubble holes on sides of some wheels

none of this makes any real difference, but have wondered if its the same on the other side of the world?

Have also used inferior building products dumped as close as Phillip Island and on manufaturer contact have seen issues rectifide in the form of replcement and remuaration.


High heat is a huge factor.
Hanging or leaving it laying on a wall.
leaving a deck on its own.
But again, heat is the killer.
A controlled environment helps a great deal.

I dont mind leaving them in the heat as long as they are stacked, then you have no worries on them loosing their shape.

You can straighten it out Mick, just twist it back the opposite way double the amount that it is warped and leave it there for a week or so till its found its shape back again.