Virgin and skateboards


Just had my first problem traveling with a skateboard. I’ve travelled countless times with the deck strapped to the outside of my travel bag with purpose built clips. The setup provides a simple and effective means of carrying the board gear and clothes. Tonight at Melbourne airport the check in staff decided the board wasn’t allowed to travel like that and I had to separate the board from the bag and I wOuld have to pay extra for the extra piece of luggage. The argument was that if they get separated there is no tracking on the board. After some argument I agreed to pay the extra 40 bucks but then asked if I could keep the two pieces strapped together but they refused to keep them together which sort of conflicts with their original argument. I’ve never encountered this issue before and have travelled domestically and internationally with this setu. Anyone else encountered this with Virgin or any other airlines?

Seriously fucked off.


think depends which way the wind is blowing, bag an brd strapped melb/sing no prob same airline to delhi wanted seperate no charge, delhi to austria seperate and wanted to charge then gave up as was total 12 kg and had everything in between, carnt say had any drama,s, think you got a bad wind,


Must have been a bad wind. Return flight, checkin didn’t even flinch when I presented my bag/board. Just tagged it and all was good.


when flying virgin {witch I wont ever again } to and fro from Fiji , no drama on the way there then on the way home they wanted to hit me up extra 80.00 for the fishing rods witch they flu over there for me no charge after a firm stoush with the leg spinner for virgin and him all most having my fishing rods implanted in his rectum was allowed to take them home at no charge , just gotta stand ya ground with them there out for every dollar they can get … drinks 5.00 wanna see the movie ?> 20.00 … Screw virgin !