Treasures from the vault -Melbourne 78-80


Strapping it to your feet is just plain cheating Carl,would’nt catch me doing something like that.


OK, I’m pretty sure I’m out of photo ammo after these shots of the Coles ramp- my mum took them - I do believe this was the only skating my parents ever saw me do…strange how parents of the 70s viewed skating as pretty much a dumb kid’s deal - definitely sub par if compared to any team sport…jee , bring on the Lacrosse…
anyway…here’s a few of johnny ( always got the lion’s share of lens time)
one of Glen Gustke- awesome style once he’d got rid of that mane…
and then there’s me, now of course MY long hair was somethinge else again…I probably would have cut it off before this, but my boss at the sign writing shop told me I had to cut it or risk getting sacked, so of course I wouldn’t (and soon did- get sacked , that is)
This was 1980 and we were listening to B-52s, Specials, Devo, some Pistols, maybe the odd Ramones number. Things were changing quickly and within a few months we’d nearly all gone from the trippin’ hippy thing to shawn off spiked hair. Last gasp of the 70’s, maaaaann…


gee, the pics might help to illustrate my mental meanderings…


Great shots Noel, I particularly love that one of Andy Tennant at the Pond
it showed what the GFI really stood for.


Hey Noel ,i like history,but when dudes get it wrong it pisses me off man,my brother was a full HARDCORE ,and gave plenty of shit when needed ,yeah few of the radlanders Bear ,Maddog were full on mouths and those guyz could own there status when skatn banks but didnt really deal with the tranny to well ,bear was all time RAD freestyler ,slalom,no handstand shit 360,s nose wheelies space walks etc.We would get on the train head to ramps we heard of get there and fuckn soft cocks wouldnt lets us SKATE my brother the main and older dude would say there is 10 radlanders and 10 mixed team dudes so if ya wont let us skate we will beef .we let everyone skate our ramp.ANYWAY im not here to argue just telling it how it is as i did in tic tac to heelflip which they cut out.And you mentioned melton dayz .man it was mostly me ,johnny,terry,borgy peter mac helmet,mark f one eye we were the dudes that stuck with that place all the others came and went .Mate if it wasnt for attitudes back then skatn would have been like tennis ,you gotta remember we were fuckn kids bro and dealing with all sorta shit and dudes around are neighbour hoods .I,m not looking for a response or anyone to fix history errors i remember it all and havnt stopped i aint loaded but loaded with good memories and wouldnt change a thing ,and yeah i was aloud mouth FUCKER and still am it gives ya personality,Ask Glen Kuske ,He rules ,and ONE TEE Forever.Keep writing man.i have been meaning to write somthing for years but couldnt be fucked as dudes will get all fuckn gay on me good luck and see yas in the deep end voice yor opinion ,all good i got ears. oh yeah probs heaps spelling mistakes and shit but hey i was busy skatn ,and missed school alot :wink:


I hear you Sac, i wouldnt change a thing either and yes memmories of individuals will vary a lot too i would think. However we all remember things, one thing is for sure and that is that it was all new all happening and all RAD as shit.

I remember one specific time when word got out about my half pipe, my sister woke me up one sunday morning around 830 am telling me there was some guys at the door wanting to skate the ramp. I get to the door and it was you, johnny Mac and most of the radlanders all standing in the driveway. My dad wouldnt allow it as it was too early so i told you guys to hang out at the milkbar in the next street and come back in an hour. You ended up at Glenns house next door and rocked back up for a skate around 10am. Rad days, Good memories. :smiling_imp: