tic tac on the couchbook,


Up a ladder today and got blown over by a massive gust of wind, if it wasn’t for my well practiced skate and bail technique I’d have been screwed :open_mouth: Lucky I’m not much of a knee slider.


10 points for prowess pussy cat,

in the market for a beach cruiser pushy checkout retro scabbie vintage warehouse in moorabin, 150 bucks, gunna hit up on saturday with a bulk order for a bit more screw down in your in the market, four at this stage,

perfect complement to a champix delve,


wats your new # opy?..cannot understand your post :confused:


0420 934 885 bettie my secretary will take your call,

is frank hill of king of the hill a dave berg rip off without glasses,


so the blocks bout personality and not a comp,


so 8.30 bike shop with Billy, young buck seems to be alf cooked, went like this,
how much is a bike,
black ones 140, cream 150 and green 175,
how much for 2,
how much for 4,
how much for the 2 made ones with scratches and 2 boxed, one being green,
SOLD 2 black, 1 cream, 1 green,


OOW on way home stopped in at OCD Monkeys skateshop, dudes real cool concidering once from sydney, ah ha, you wont a proper shop bursting with deals get there, bones reds Hambo prices, T,s not 40, zig zags not 60, decks over 70, what mini, were to go for Xmas,


so the news reports on a police crack down on drunken louts, thats good but the figure was nearly thousands,

how much is nearly thousands ?


nearly thousands is about eleventyeight give or take nearly thousands or do we carry the one oh i forget but its nearly thousands hope this helps cheers :open_mouth: :question:


dear networks how bout a change of pace you have flogged Mash, Becker and Seinfeld to death, can I suggest Soap, og Batman and Lancelot link secret chimp,


imagine being a deck of cards sitting on the self all in order and suits then someone purchases you and takes you home and shuffles you to never be the same again, must hurt,


A fate far better than being left on the shelf!




yeah thats flogged too,

forgot pushies suffer from flat spots, time to pucker up,


ooh ooh funny stat, takes half the time to hit 500 perv,s talking shit in franga than it does in bombay,


fix rear punture, wind up wheel, flip pushy back over, ffffflat ffffffuckin fffffffront,


speak a hoodoo on the bike to remove the bad spirits that have deflated your dreams.


CQ, CQ anyone on Charlie got there ears on, 10-9,


if I get another damn punture the rubbers coming of and I,m riding the rims,


Talk about bad luck, I haven’t had a puncture for several years riding fairly varied terrain.