This time for sure: OSR clip


Sorry for the other posts but on my utube account it worked perfectly but due to the background music all was deleted.

So I have changed the music (STILL PIRATE) but now acceptable :smiling_imp:

See link and show your approval for OSR at Wadalba, he has a style of his own…yey

                 [ ... _1QB5txGAw](


very cool ritchie


The master of style…as always Rich 8)

Love the Zepher too!


Nice footage Paul.Can’t half tell I am getting old though.There is a good example of slowing down a bit .Thats a severe case of taking it easy .No dynamics ,just going through the motions but I still got most of the moves done.Had a fantastic day none the less and got to give my zephyrs a good work out.I don’t play the freestyle game much these days and it shows.Hoefully we can get together a bit more and get some more NACCOS crew together
I miss the good times we had at San Remo and SlamFactory.
Keep on rolling O.S.R.


I had the pleasure of Paul Carey this Sunday at Wadalba, he arrived as I was leaving so Istayed for the fun.
Although I disagree with your “going through the motions” comment I do understand what you are saying. When I skated with Paul and with you I noticed that I am no longer looking for the grinds as much in the bowl and I think it is because I have been hacking around by myself most of the time.
I might be fooling myself but I am sure that I can give it more of ago from now on, there is alot that I shy away from that I could probably achieve :laughing:
What about a Thornleigh and Galston day, it would be hard on the old bones but surely fun and you have never been to Thornleigh.


Awesome guys :smiley: I am pushing the big 50 and being a country boy, never skated a park. I went to Dulwich Hill recently with an old school mate and 2 others from here and smashed myself and i sucked! :frowning:
It was fun and after seeing OSR skate in this clip i have got even more desire and inspiration to have another crack Thank you!
cheers guys.


HEY Retro great to see a fellow bro getting into it.
We are all getting stuffed around with getting older.
Lost part of my eyesight a while ago and the joints are in need of surgery but I am still getting by .
I get inspired by fellow skaters who have or had there own problems
The brother/sisterhood of skaters keeps the stoke happening for me, we are a very supportive bunch people.
As for my wheels they are as follows.
Spitfires ,60mm clasics and 58 mm TNT s F1 park formula.
These are in the 90 to 98 durometer hardness range.
They work good for bank riding slide manouvers on Zephyr type skate boards.
The down hill guys generally use larger softer wheels as the velocities are greater.

Hope that has been a help.


cheers osr! :smiley: