THEEVE, Probably about time to let you know?


Hi Guys, Im running two sets of TiH 5.85’s on two different boards at the moment, and have to say that I really love these. Used to think the whole weight thing was just a marketing scam… but being a small light rider, having a relatively light pool board seems to make everything feel much more fluid. The turning action is fantastic, the bushings are obviously good, and the contruction seems top knotch.

My only criticism… was when I bought the first pair I did some research and found that some people found that they could not get a bearing to fit properly, as though the axle was machined too thick. So… the first pair was fine. I got a second pair, and bang presto! Installed my wheels, and then went to remove them and the inner bearing was stuck like a goat to the axle. Had to hammer it off (one ruined bones ceramic bearing… NOT happy). I havent logged this issue with them yet, as now I just run two speed rings on the inside and its fine. For $150 though I’d expect better. Im sure it could be argued that the truck IS perfect (8mm or whatever) and it is the bearings that are below spec. But Im not using cheap rubbish, they were bones red ceramics in question.

Has anyone else had this problem?

Dont get me wrong the trucks are BRILLIANT. It just seems some sets have this flaw.



had a sticky bearing on an airflow once that a bit of emery paper fixed real quick,


Good point! Although for the $ I’d expect the sandpaper to be included :laughing:


Never had a problem with my THEEVES, never will.
The size issue on the diameter would be due to 2 things, the tolerance Theeve have set with the machining , upper and lower and how tight the tolerance would be on the Bones bearings, so if by bad luck, if both of the products are the limits, its bound to happen by fluke.
If you want to run the ultimate setup , up grade your king pins to Ti Hollows, this will shave the last weight off the trucks and yes, you will notice this. Also Theeve make Ti- Hardware, go all out!