THEEVE, Probably about time to let you know?


THEEVE Titanium Truck CO is in full swing and proving to be the most significant advancement in materials used in production in the Truck market for some time.
Available in 4 sizes 5.0, 5.25, 5.5 and 5.85
The first 2 models released are:

CSX- The same geometry as our premium models in a cast Titanium/Alloy blend.

TiAX- The worlds First 6/4 Titanium axle truck. Light and Strong.

And to be released later in 2010:

TiH- The worlds First 6/4 Titanium axeleless Hanger.

You Probably want to see pictures right?


And the highly anticipated TiH, for the lucky few, fresh off production this year, not available for the public just yet, but soon…

Believe the Hype, These Trucks do make a different and offer improvements such as light weight and harder to wear, they grind like no other truck I have ever used, and I have the lot here to compare them too. The geometry eliminates the" squirely effect " prone to other trucks that turn well.
Plus they come with BONES HARDCORE BUSHES medium as standard, no other company offers such quality through the whole range.

Check out their site
All the extra relevant info is listed there.


So the ‘axle’ on the no axle version - is that like a spindle cast in with the hangar or part of the hangar?


looks like its the hanger milled to 8mm but Im guessing.

My theeves (5.5 TiAX) came with bones blue bushings and it works fine. Im very much enjoying them (apart from the fact that I meant to buy trucks or an 8.5 inch deck and got trucks for an 8.1 inch deck but thats my fault :blush: ).

My only concern is the bottom bushing seems to bulge out of the hanger which will probably result in them splitting in the long run… King pin nut is not wound down much at all so its not a case of the hanger being to tight

Any one else experience this? Any advice to prevent it?

Im thinking of replacing bushings with Khiro reds and will grind the bushings edge for a better fit


Probably would be interested in the au retail price Jimmy :slight_smile:


TiAX is $119.95 in Oz.
CSX is priced at the same rate of any other brands base model Truck.
TiH is due for release later this year, no confirmation on pricing yet, but at half the weight and more than double the strenght of a regular truck, you probably won’t be replacing them in a hurry.

Available here online from our good friends at


Just read the header, what ya a theeve, LOL. bEER.


the Full Ti axeless hanger is just that, a single cast, the hanger has the ends machined ( turned) so they are true and highly acurate size wise. So it’s one piece , axle slip then will never be an issue again, plus the traditional washers used as speed rings on a conventional truck are not needed as a stepped shoulder is machined on there to eliminate this.
Your bearings will love you!
Simple, yet effective!


Interesting, cheers Jim.


Hi Mosu
The issue is typical with Bones bushings. Every truck has that issue with them popping out. You just have to loosen your truck spin your bushing and go for it again.
I had this happen on a set of TiAX , once I reseated them, they bedded in perfect.
My Full TiH I have skated them for a week first, did the same reseat, perfect fit now.
Check my pics, these are fine even with them nipped up.
Stoked to see someone else giving them ago.


I don’t have that issue with Indys Jimmy. The opposite in fact, bottom bush tucks nicely in the cup. Do like the look of the hangar shape around the bushes on the Theeves though, compared to Indys ‘no-hang’ hangs-like-a-bastard shape.


Yeah Jimmy I checked your pics and was compelled to ask.

Have you tried other brands of bushings? Im thinking of Grind King King Pin as a mod for these trucks


The one piece machined titanium hanger just looks awesome, takes me back to the days of mountain bike porn.


Plenty of hype on the other site re these trucks.

Australian owned co = 8) Might defect when the superlight jobs arrive

Where are they made Jim?


I cannot divolge where exactly they are made ( but the only company that can produce a full titanium product, hence they all ready expertise in the use of this material in another sport), but it is an Australian company , (as the brand is, not necessaryly where the product is manufactured though).
Congrats to Jimi Beck, using a full Ti hanger, takes the most blocks frontside grinded at the combi this year.


mad if you don’t defect …


Do us a deal Chimmy and we’ll see :wink:


I used to work for a world know gold brand a big one - they used to have there TI Drivers forged here in Victoria - Footscray to be exact - this was 10yrs back - am I in the right area?



Can’t be, that was National Forge.
wound up about 8 years ago.
Their site (next to western oval) is now being redeveloped.


Hopshop stock arriving in August is now online to prebook

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