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with looks like that who cares for brains :wink: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

this will be my famous last words once shona reads this,oh well it was a pleasure to know ya’s hahaha


Rad Promo Chicks!!! :smiling_imp:
Digging Hulleys landscaping skills, growing well!


This weekend was [color=darkred][size=200]SAC[/size] & [color=darkblue][size=200]SAMS[/size] B.B.Q JAM and I must say it was a lot of fun as always.

Sam & Sac



Luke Foster

Shauney FASTER Eaton


Tommo & Son

Sorry didn’t catch your name ???



The winner this year was…


P.S He loved the Board that SHR vert dogs donated for a prize.

After all the sk8ing was done out came the skate Bands

The [color=green][size=200]SLIME BALLS[/size]

Then Sac threw down some PUNK rock with them to end the day


looks like a rad weekend once again wish i could have been there again, next year. Nicks frontside indy looks so so lazy its crazy.

                          What???      Wheres  Mulhall ^^^?

I was waiting to see some pics all weekend, finally now im relieved. Man I missed out this year :smiling_imp:


Wished I could have made it this year, it looked a RAD day.
Next year for sure providing I am not still injured LOL :smiling_imp:


Yeah SACSAMS,was a blast weather was a bit wild but we dealt with it and skated on .Thanx to crew that came along,and crew that flowed some prody.I have a few tees left,and would be stoked if any crew were interested in crabbing one .I will be in Melbs for rentons gig at the shed and will bring them.I did use me money saved for me trip over to the states ,so be stoked if some crew were keen check them out when im melbs ,and any other crew send 20 bucks plus postage.check photo of me with sam billy has put up, there in grey and red cheers hope to here from ya,s. :wink:


sorry crew the pic billy took hasn,t got me in the tee they look RAD anyway . :wink:


YO SAC! I’LL GLADLY BUY 1 OF THOSE TEE’S OFF YA 8) i’ll pm you my details both here and FB OK MATE :smiling_imp:

btw! rad stuff billy :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

  1. Rock On Bro 8)




Put me down for a T aswell Sac, i’ll be at the Shed on the 18th :smiling_imp:


:smiley: X-Mass Holidays with the Harrison’s & Edwards :smiley:

We loaded up the cars with all the fun stuff you need for a good time away without spending a lot of cash. Sk8boards, Surfboards, Fishing rods & Dirt Bikes. Of course we took a DVD player and the Wii for night time entertainment with the kids. Our destination was Portland / Mt Gambier S.A for a week of good times.

One of the first things we did was go fishing. Everyone caught a fish but me. Dareje didn’t fish but then decided to throw a line in after 2 hours of ragging me out and pulled one in with in 2 minutes. That really sucked and I wanted to do was throw that bloody rod in the water and walk away. But instead we all had a laugh and went back home.

Angus with his first ever fish caught.

Dareje and the one I wish got away… :smiley:

The next day was time to go for a sk8. So we went out to Heywood where the park is family friendly for all. Well almost…

Amber… The carnage Queen…


Me & Leah


This pic was back in 2005 when we first went to Heywood so while we were there we reshot the pic again for old times sake.

2005… Adam, Me & Dareje

2010 5 years on…


The Kids just kicking back with a DVD…

With the thought of not catching a fish some days before, I had to go back and get the job done.



OK It might not have been the biggest fish caught but I still got one. :smiley:


Time to get over the border for some sk8ting & Dirt Bike riding in the pine forests.

Mt Gambier South (No Scooters)





I even managed to find some stairs that I could ollie down… :blush:

After having a skate we hit the Pines…





Leah & I

Gray & Rach

Gray & Amber

Then it was time to load up and hit another park but on the North side of town.





The down hill grass roll was kind of funny. I guess it triggered off the next lot of pics

Then it was time to go and pick up Leah and say see you next time to Grandpa Bob. We headed back to Portland for the last nights stay…

Thanks to the Edwards Fam… for sharing their Chrissy Holidays with us, we had a ball and can’t wait until the next ones…


Billy, Leah, Gray and kids,

Great coverage!

Looks like a fun trip.


Looks like GOOD TIMES!


nice remake of the pic from '05, very clever


got any Tees left Sac? i’ll take one - lemme know :open_mouth: mk


yeah man one left recon whats ya address bro my bank details are australian central credit union BSB 805-050 ACC NO 63118939 25 BUCKS TEE AND potage cool man. :wink: