TailBones & NoseBones for WIDE boards (9" and over)


My current board (bought in April) is already wearing down quick in the tail, and i thought i’d order a back up…

Just ordered a PoolKing Pirate online… it’s 10.25 wide…

I’m not sure if i’m being a girly blouse here :blush: , but i don’t fancy wearing the tail down and would rather whack a tail bone on it if possible…

And while i’m at it, probably a nose bone for grabs etc… but i’ve been googling like crazy trying to find anything suitable…

The closest i’ve been able to come up with is some Ebay store that sells Powell Peralta 9’0 TailBones…

But overall, there seems to be f*ck all plastics out there for wider boards…
Anyone know of any decent online stores that sell the stuff?


You might find that the 9 inch will fit OK. Most boards (including the Pool King) taper a bit at the tail, don’t panic, wait until you get the Pool King delivered before you assess what tailbone you need.


^^ yeah, will do cheers…
if all else fails, I’ll just jigsaw one out of a plastic bread board like we used to years ago :laughing:


Whaddya mean years ago? I’m still doing it. :smiley: Particularly when it’s an odd shaped tail.


^ the ol’ breadboard thing’s still being done hey…? :astonished:
think i’ll draw the line at nosebones, tailbones and deck rails…
no need for truck copers and lapers…
surely that’d be a little sad :laughing:


I am one of the Old School Tail tappers / Tail sliders from the 70’s and I still make my own out of hardwood 3 ply as it doesnt slip as much on the steel coping. Use whatever works man LOL :smiling_imp:


have a look at this e’bay store
stores.ebay.com.au/Conflict-Old- … 34.c0.m322


Rail or not?,
what size ?,
old school or new?
What is the purpose of rails? protect the Board/graphics, slide longer?


^^ thanks for the link.

rails, got them sorted…
what’s the purpose of rails…?
well, it’s what i was used to…
felt better for slides, disasters, gripping for airs, protecting the graphics etc…


The question was for myself, getting a new set up, and am contemplating whether i will run with rail or not?


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