snapped Indy kingpin


I guys I snapped a kingpin on my stage 9 indy truck. it’s the spline type kingpin.Getting the snapped kingpin out was pretty hard and now i’m having trouble getting the new one in, is there any tricks of the trade that I should know before hammering the crap outta it? if there is an easier way let me know. Alan 8)


Use a press, and a tube as a sleeve so the pin can come through the base plate whilst pressing it thru.
Or a vice as the same principle, but dont go smacking it with a hammer, its an aluminium casting, it can break, firm pressure is the go :smiling_imp:


urr,if you are ‘hammering’ it out,place a nice soft block of wood between the hammer and pin/chisel<fitter’s trick>whilst resting forsaid plate on another block of wood.if it doesn’t come out just go bonkers with the hammer,punctual blasphemous swearing greatly enhances the experience!
good luck!


I find a few well placed head butts seem to help!

Or a Press cause technology is good