Skateboard racks by islandsk8r


Rack em up! Rad


What trucks you have on your SMA team deck island skater???


sorry Guff
they are tracker six tracks 9 inch hanger
same on the Dregs deck and the Johnny Lucero


also got em setup on the steadham
golden trucks I luv em


heres a homemade rack i built. just found some long peices of wood, lined em up, cut in diagonal slits, peiced it together, painted it n screwed it to the wall… cost me nothing but a day’s work


If any of you guys are keen on the islandsk8r racks they are now available through Hamboskate (click on link below). They won’t be available on ebay etc anymore as Island prefers to stick to the woodwork and leave all the administrative mumbo jumbo to someone else. That’s where I come in.

I have just updated my webpage with a new section and pics. I must say they do make my decks look a lot better than just having them piled around the place. :unamused:


back up on Ebay with some minor improvements for a short while
or if you are local check hambos site
I have a few wall rax in vic ash I will do for same as Ebay price pm me if youre interested
cheers Paul


had a few guys asking about the ash racks
sorry all gone
switched to furniture grade pine a while ago machines better and I can keep the price down
still listing on Ebay or pm me if you are interested and I can deuct the ebay fees
also doing a surfboard rack now
cheers Paul


We use these racks in the Hop Shop and they are awesome.

Hold lots of weight. Easy to set up. We have the wall racks and floor racks.
They get two Hop thumbs up.

Now go and buy em, or buy more boards so you’ll need em.


hey guys
only got a few racks left 6 wall racks and 3 floor racks
when they are gone thats it for a spell as Ive got some projects to sort so if you are wanting to hook in pm me or go ebay
post is around $12.00 in AU if you give me your postcode I can work it out
cheeers Paul


have new stock listed on Ebay or pm me if you are interested and dodge fees
cheers Paul


back up on ebay for anyone looking


got any floor racks available?