Skateboard racks by islandsk8r


Just got this skateboard rack, made by islandsk8r. This one is the freestanding model. Ships disassembled, I got mine in a couple of days.
Assembly is easy, even for ten thumbs hop.
Islandsk8r - easy to deal with, get onboard. He also does a wall mounted one.

Rax front

Rax side views

Rax back

Rax full

(Mosu - insert bouncing racks photo below)


Yeh nice one Hop, there a great lookin product and a lot of work put in, go the homegrown, go islandsk8r!


Yeah I’ve seen the wall hanger ones on ebay and I’m giving serious thought to scoring one now the collection has grown to semi-manageable proportions.


I have a wall set - top quality, furniture grade finish.


I’ve got my top 5 pimped out decks on display in my loungeroom with the floor mounted rack from island. awesome value for money.


hey Hop
see you got em
I was cruisin the forums when your pics whacked me
if anyone else in charlie has photos id be pumped to see em
Fitz’s stack is pretty special I will have to figure how to get mine up
cheers island


bouncing racks???


cant make them
wish I could better $$$ and more fun shaping em
but if any crew want a set of these pm me or check ebay under skate rax
Im also happy to trade or swap for gear


Unfortunately the board on top is sold.
I don’t ride it much and my lil bro’s GF wanted a setup to ride to tafe
I’ll have to setup some incomplets I’ve got out the back to really pimp out the collection


@ mosu
I was refering to that avatar last year


ahhhh the wobbling racks!. my favourite kind.

if you can make me a couple of sets of those I’ll hang them on the wall and forget about skateboards


Is that legal to hypnotise people into buying racks?
With each sway left to right you can convey a subliminal message…“must by rax”
Haha :laughing:



Petes wall very nice


Can I suggest a rubber sheath around those steel prongs? They look a bit itchy and scratchy. It would probably be a good idea to put a little rubber on the wood frame where the rail of the deck meets too, as I’ve seen pressure dings in rails from similar setups in skateshops.


g’day Michael
the board posts (prongs) are made from polished aluminium they are smooth as so there is no stress about scratches Ive sold to skateshops and collectors and no dramas so far. I have made some sets for snowboarders and as their rails are sharp I used a product called armaflex its an extruded closed cell foam tubing same as surf racks works well and doesnt cost much


i got one too, wife loved it until she watched me fill it with decks i had hidden. good work island!


hey ronnie, whats happening? been skating much? hows your kid going?


Hey Eamon,

I’ve had ONE roll since December. The kid is great but my skating isn’t. I’ve still got the mini too. Trying to get it home to my backyard where it’ll get used. You been down to the bowl much?


Did a revamp on the wall rax now they can be hung off a picture rail or similar fixture or only need 2 screws to mount on a wall
They can also be extended to a 10 board drop with no extra fixings
see what you think and let me know