round king pins?


whats the deal with the new style of bottom rounded kingpins?can you use old style hexes in them?it was a bit wierd to look at.


mostly its less weigth. the button style king pin has a spline which binds it to the base plate once the bolt/kingpin has been placed (under pressure)

I prefer the proper hex head bolt style as it places less “deformational” energies on the base plate and if I was that worried about weight I would probably go ona diet…

you can still buy proper hex head bolts/kingpins if you check on line.
also some people I know of are using jb weld epoxy to hold the hex head in place havent tried this method myself but its worth a google search


my limited understanding is this…less chance of hanging up on 50’s and variation of grinds,they sit well below enough to allow this.
i personally dont use them myself


isnt it funny how people interpret the same things differently.
I assumed we were talking the bolt being placed into the base plate, rather than the nut on the end of the kingpin.:blush:

Do agree with your opinion however it sucks getting a hangup on a nut, thats why grindking kingpins are my favourite!


Manufacturing them.
They can be extruded, forged, Turned, or use whatever combination thats cost effective, and some now using exotic material which to bring costs done, use less processing ( new Theeve Hollow TiKings).
By using round stock, one less operation.
Theres no advantage underneath if its hexed or round as its knurled and designed for a press fit anyway.


i was looking at some trucks and wondering if the round ones were interchangeble with hexes[baseplate],on the indy ones it doesn’t look like it unless you used a socket before you stick the truck to was just one of those things i had not noticed until right there and then.

i do have a slight ammount of metal left before i have to buy new ones tho.