Noticed socal had rockin rons 3 (same as ballistics) in. Thought this might be of interest.


i (oma) got more coming soon …keep watching… :wink:


I was just noting that they’re back in production, wasn’t sure what was going on with the bearings. Obviously OMA is where you get them here.


wake me when the ceramics are back in production


No Ceramics yet Mosu. Yes im waiting for those too!
But Ballistic Missles are in production.
Rainskates and OMA are Authorised by Ron to take care of his stuff in OZ.
Choose whom it is more convieniant to you.
Prices are set so there is no issue with whom you choose to purchase from.
Have a nice day


Rockin Rons in Stock now!!!
Ballistic Missles Special rate on Charlie $45 a set plus postage.
Time to roll on the quality steels!


Whats turning up again.
Shipment of Rockin Rons Ballistic Missles, keep spreading the word, we are stocked again after the mass consumption of last shipments void fill.
Stock up and re fit out all the quiver.
We have lubes, yes Rons own secret, filtration for low viscosity and higher speeds. This is the lightest formula on the market, and at the same price as Bone’s Speed Cream. Dont be shy now.
And to top it off. the Rockin Rons Bearing washer. This is the revolution of cleaning those clagged up spinning metallic things that make all the difference. No more shake shake, the plunger system is Patented as its such an improved concept to keep the bearings seperate to the crude particles after washing. Limited stock, dont miss out.
LOXIN :smiling_imp: