Rayne Pug


I thought they stopped making these but this is a new graphic (I think). Big bamboo and flexy with a proper tail. Great fun ride.


all hail the pug,
top piece of wood,


Hambo im not shore but i think this is a earlier modal befor the bamboo?
Rayne BRING BACK THE PUG an all time fav :wink:


You may well be right Hamish. Strange-house often unearth things in their basement and go “oh shit , forgot about these, perhaps we should sell them” :blush:

9.5" x 41"
28" wheelbase
Canadian Rock Maple
Triaxial Fiberglass
1/4" of offset camber
Full Kicktail/slight upturned nose


got mine sporting home made rails for curb action which opens up the fun factor


Doesnt look like he ships internationally Hambo,