Parra M*A*S*H Wed pics 14/12


Really sorry Steve I cut half you out. Better luck next time. Would have been a great shot.

The Kelvinator ‘up to his tricks again’

Awesome speed effect Steve.



Just had to throw this one in Greg. Love that board in mid-air.


Danny Van

Putting on the tiles.



Great pics as usual Bill! And the tiles! Bahahahahahahah! Great work fellers!


And I like the way they sprayed the matching “Bill Fonseca © 2005” in the bowl in the same colour!


Noice Bill - I’m no expert but I reckon your pics are getting better and better.


What no photo of me bill? I was there too you know,and danny van doing frontside rocks has the world gone mad? :laughing:


Dont complain Boris. I’d probly get more pics too but only if I did something worth taking. Which in my case is very rare. :smiley:


Spunky tiles dudes.

Spewin’ I missed another MASHsesh. My right heel is still stuffed from last Weds skate. 8 days later & still can’t put any weight on it. Muchos pissedos offos. The photos keep me hungry though…cheers Bill.


Gimme a call next time you’re heading to Parra from home please Scott.


Yeh Boris!

Flying boards! the world has gone mad.

Not to mention Pat ripping that night.