New BDS Z13 Pig


Will you be getting any of those Braden.


You mean this baby?? Yeh… If anyone wants just say, so I can get a feel for numbers.


One please. Whenever. That thing is sic.


i’m spent out too far in advance…

cheers braden you pusher - awaiting next BDS fix.


Cant help it with the BDS boards…as you guys know 2005 range is on us…quad 10",11",12", Z13, 8WHEELER. I have to keep up so I will get a half dozen of each. I also want to expand the range to SMA,Pocket pistols and Pro designed pads but that will have to wait awhile…


SMA, Pocket Pistols and Pro Design Pads - OK OK and OK. Like the look of the sorta new age fish shapes of SMA and my old ‘rad pads’ circa 1985 are a bit tired :laughing: