MOSS Picture book to wow the grand kids with


Have had something of a lightbulb moment- made a photo book up at Office Works a few weeks ago.
Very simple since they’d manage to automate alot of the layout stuff and the result is pretty pro- good quality paper and reproduction.
Anyway, I have got onto another mob who do even better quality , big format, nice quality cover binding, etc etc.
So, I am going to put together a pretty sizeable (100 sides/ 50 pages) coffee table type book with all of us old farts as the stars.
I will of course be dropping in a bunch of the pics I’ve taken at various MOSS comps and skate sessions, Wobbly John’s 40th, Dentman’s 50th, Bendigo , Ocean Grove road trips, Ride your Stash and others.
What I’d like to do is match “before and after” pics of all of you/us but instead of getting slimmer and better looking like on Jenny Craig, we get older, tubby and lose a couple of tricks at the very least…
Doesn’t matter, we still have plenty of great shots to be proud of.
So, if you want to be included, I’ll need an early (70’s/80’s preferably) shot of your boundless talents in the day, as the “before” shot.
With luck , I might have some good shots of y’all at MOSS nights/events etc.
Space limitations may mean I can’t fit everything/ everyone in, but I’ll do my best to make it as inclusive as possible.
So far as I can tell, the “prototype” book will cost around $50, although this is a special offer thing. If it works, in theory I can produce as many (or few) as there’s demand for after that.
Dave Crackerjack has offered his expert layout / design assistance, so it should look really good.
I am in no way intending this to be “all about me” so I welcome photo input from Cam Wells, Cannonball (hope his leg’s still attached!) and anyone else that’s been taking shots at MOSS get togethers.
If you’re going to send me anything for possible use, please make sure it’s of at least reasonable quality. (Has to be in focus at least)
This pretty much rules out 110 small format film photos from the 70’s which are generally pretty lousy, but hey , could be something out there that breaks the rule.
I’ll need the best/ highest resolution version of your photos , they can be e-mailed to, or on disc is fine too.
So come on boys, want to see your spacious arse in print? Send me your pics!
I’m not going to bother putting a time frame on this thing, but it’ll be dependent on how much stuff I receive how soon.

Let me know if you have any suggestions on how it should look. By the way, I’d like to include some stuff other than bowls, so let’s see some ditch and slalom pics too.

Cheers, Noel


sounds like some fun labour of love there Noel, good on ya,


OK, so let’s get on it. Dig out those crusty old photo albums and let’s see what your best shot was back in the day


Sounds like a great idea Noel. nice one!


Ok Monty, I have a reasonable shot of you grinding Ringwood- got any other great stuff stashed?


sounds very cool noel i will take one please.


I have some cool pics that will help out. :open_mouth: :smiley:


Fantastic stuff bud


I have photos if you would like them, let me know.