Moss Mash get together???


Since we all chat in here at CDS why dont we arrange bit of a get together maybe meet in the middle in Can o’ beera?

Who’d be keen?


We’d all be keen Fletch. Let’s make it October/November so we can tent it without freezing. Tugeranong, Belco, Gungahlin :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Western Creek looks pretty sick.


Sounds Good. Im there


Whens the sos/mash jam?


Yeah, sounds good to me…any excuse to get away and go skate!Let me know details


Lets get the ball rolling.
Weekend Sept Sat 24th-Sun 25th


Sept is still cold in Canberra. but if enough people are in , im there.


And a MAS*H pie in the face for me. I turn 44 on Sept 26. :smiling_imp: :imp:


A great idea. Definetly count me in. Haven’t ridden Belco for 10+ years, and Weston Creek…drool!

Hey Braden, Brad Shaw is da man for the Sydney OSSJ I believe - not sure what/when he’s got in mind for the OSSJ; or which continent the dude is on at present.


Moss ‘N’ MAS*H birthday bash for Scott.

what will we get him he already owns 1 of every BDS deck (but no Pool Pirate yet)

Im thinking a 8 inch paddle pop board cause he definitely doesnt have one yet.


Weekend Sept Sat 24th-Sun 25th - OK!


You blokes that follow the “Cross country catch and kill” prolly dont realise that is AFL grandfinal w/e its also my son’s 10th birthday so i may not be a starter.


Move it on then. Can’t miss meeting the deviate Fletch the Letch :wink:

October 1&2, 8&9… when’s Bathurst? - can’t be that weekend.


Letch hey I resemble that remark


:laughing: Fletch lives!