Melbourne downhill sessions


:arrow_right: Hi all interested thrill seekers.
The logisticks of a serious downhill sesh that goes beyond 1 or 2 runs is fast becoming aparent :unamused: driver to take you back up the 3 to5km hills and follow you down fellow riders to push each other.
So if you live in Melbourne and are keen to go fast or help others go fast 8) love to hear from you.
QLD and NSW crew any tips would be mutch appriciated.
:wink: Later :wink:


Hey there Hamish, I have been scanning the new East Link Freeway and
have found a cpl of nice spots that we can skate. I dont have any Leathers
and my knee isnt 100% yet but am willing to have a go before they open
it to the traffic. I believe it will be open in the last week of May but havent
got an official opening date yet. The best entrance points seem to be
Police road or Halton road Nth Dandenong


Hi Hamish, I got my knee done a week ago so i wont ride but i’ll help out if i can,…throw cans of drink at people…drive the meat wagon…carry fire extinguisher…
dial 000. or whatever. :smiley:
Like to see you with Hambo’s fastest bearings wearing the new helmet
doin a highside on the slingshot! :stuck_out_tongue:
Sounds entertaining, :smiley:
then maybe someone can explain to me why trucks are setup opposite/mirror image of each other (kingpins either both in or both out.)Rather than both pointin forward or both pointin back :question:


Karl let me know when is good for you.


Hamish; I’ll keep in touch mate.

Da Bear; The angle of the axis on any 2 axels must be in oposition to
each other to allow for lead and follow steering mechanism where the
greater the angle in opposition equals a tighter turn on a given wheel
base. If the axles were Synchronized then you would loose the
lead/follow steering and both axels would become leading axels causing a
crab walking effect when attempting to turn.


I borrowed my brother’s board many years ago, and realised it was set up “crab-walking” style. Instead of turning it shifted from one side of the road to the other, always pointing down the hill in the direction it started. My stupid brother had been wondering why he couldn’t ride it - it was impossible.


colin, how does one achieve that? reverse one of the trucks? :laughing:


There are a few of us heading up NELLYS SKIRT on saturday, early in
the morning, this may be the last chance before she is officially open.
Post here if you are interested and i will pm you the details.


Hi Karl what the hell is Nellys Skirt.

Are we going to try out the tunnel.



Sorry Steve, I’ll give you a call.


its alright guys, karl hasnt lost it .
hes just gone into stealth mode.

i think something special is going on around ringwood early sat morn.
you know , well keep it underground.

hush hush.

cheers, h .


Saturdays run has been [size=200][color=red]CANCELLED[/size]
We will look at doing a late night run to accommodate some of the guys.
This also means we may only get one run as the cameras will be tuned on so let’s make it worth while.
Anyone with a video camera wanting to participate would be greatly welcomed.

Stay tuned to this thread for details on when.


i like it tunnels cameras go hard dudes :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


Hey all, I was thinking of taking a run up Nelly after the ROF on Tuesday night if anyone is interested.
If it goes well we might do it again later in the week before she Prostitutes herself and lets anyone in who can pay. :laughing:


We hit up the tunnel on tuesday night and after a fun skate for a kilometer we were confronted by security.
Hamish managed to get through unseen and said it was FAST and SMOOTH.
We were escorted off by security, they followed us all till we got off at springvale road.
Was good fun, so we might try again now we know where the security guys are located.


Hey all, I was checking out Blackburn road hill between Wingate ave and Meadow cres in Glen Waverley, did it years ago when i was a young lad but with much slower equipment. I need to test out this base plate to see if it will handle the speed, anyone up for it ? we might need a car or 2 to keep it safe :wink:

Check it out on the new Google maps just type in 309 Blackburn Rd VIC 3150 and look south. This is great to scan for roads :smiley:


Mr Skull you know im chomping on the proverbial bit so bring it on :smiley:
I have a spare board if anyone feals the need :wink: the need for speed
:smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:
Later :wink:


Jells park is fun :wink:

Later :wink:


YES, YES it is :smiling_imp:


Karl check out The Serpentine in Tecoma 3160 vic :smiley:
Mel ref 75 E8 looks very promasing on google street veiw :open_mouth:
Very apt for a street name 8) 8) 8)