Landyachtz Evo 08 vs DH


pretty much got mind set on a Landyacht complete purchase off there site in approx 4 weeks, was leaning towards the DH due to the amount of timber under foot due to spending a lot of time in the 10 inch era and the odd report it,s a good stable bardger, on further basic research and there web blurb the Evo comes highly regarded with that 22 degree wedge on the nose which the DH dont have, not lookin at breaking any records, I do wont to progress and get quicker and not have to chase my tail with more bucks later if thats possible?( bar wheels and bearings, being realistic). To add not keen on a drop through . Any advise or gentle pursuation, pro,s and con,s on these 2 decks, input etc would be greatly apprecaited and I promise I wont get in your way at newtons next year, I would like to think?


DH is dewedged on both side, the Evo is wedged ad front, dewedge at the back. I tried both of them (not fast though) and felt more confortable on the Evo (the DH platform is pretty narrow I recon, but the concave in just crazy). Did you have a look at Kebbek products? (Jon Caften, Ian Comishin -now underflush mounting-, Niko D -also underflush mounting- are all lowered decks, not dropthrough).


Cos the DH is dewedged at both ends it’s going to be hard to get it to turn. The Evo will be better as it is wedged for turn at the front, but stability at the back. The Evo is a popular board - works for a lot of people.


Evo works for me, felt at home as soon as I hopped on it. I just have randall 180s and Jim Z bushings from Creativesk8 in Townsville.


go the evo man. ive tried heaps of downhill boards from topmounts to dropthrus and lowered ones and the evo felt the best. the dh is too narrow and its actually harder to keep more stable at speed, and also the evo glides through corners effortlessly, and really easy to drift…
the evo has more podium finishes than any other board too…


Or maybe a Rayne demonseed. We should have stock in the next two week at Hopkin Racing.


mmmm demonseed 8)


Guff your addicted I bet you buy it…


no because i dont have any trucks to put on it :open_mouth:it is an awesome board though fitz has got one great for taller riders with plenty of room for a wider stance


Firstly, how tall are you mark?

Anything more than 6ft and you’re gonna start to feel cramped on an Evo.
The board is long but the actual riding platform between the lowered tansitions is limited.
I’m 6’3" and feet are way too close together, can’t do drop knee position properly, start touching wheels with feet in turns, ITS A FRIKKEN NIGHTMARE!!!
The DH is much the same only worse because the transition/lowering drop is deeper (2" from memory).
However is you have a short stature, then both of these boards will feel unreal and really work for you.

Secondly, if you want to use it for anything else except speedboard racing then Evo would be the choice. Like bugs said the +wedge/angled nose creates more turnability which is really cool for general longboarding around the street etc. The -dewedging takes the steering out of the tail so you won’t be as prone to speed wobs at speed, alot less likely to over steer the tail and high side and also generate way more pump across the flats.
Hence, it’s the evolution shape from the older style DH.

I can seriously vouch for Hop though. I was one of the first in Australia to get the Demonseed. He helped me get it and I’m totally stoked! Bamboo means light weight and stable stiff flex. Heaps of room for feet and foot placement without taking away any performace like excessively long boards can.
I can’t believe he managed to actually get stock. These boards sell out through presale well before they even hit the stores in America.
Even though its a dropthru you can still get plenty of leverage into a turn with its generous 10" width.

My opinion Demonseed. … php?t=3086


What is it you aren’t keen on about drop through?
Lowered boards have much the same turn action and ride height.


gentlemen overwelmed with info at moment much aprecaited, compressing over ale. ( wife not home to help spell and sound educated)

quid checked out kebbek decks seems to be a semi evo style drop, if I,m not cofused. had a report on the dropthroughs that on ruff roads there was a bit of foot movement that was un nerving, thats why steered towards evo etc.

Bugs, msw and whacko you changed my mind to the evo instantly, the bear trucks have me hanging, unless there is a cost performace equal, and it will have to be zigs from reports.

Hop the seedemonseed seems to have some drop in it to stop feet getting away on ruff roads, if you can PM me mobile as I lost since last convasation, could do with some cracking comments on this deck to get it over the line. try and keep it at home.

fitz, I was once 5’ 10 I am presently being weighted down by life at 12 or 13 stone ( 6 polariods = 1 set bearings) and only hope to be able to indy grab a servo deck slide again, the DH has the can, only lookin at bardgin with this brd, just wont to work on personal land speed records, if it takes an extra brew amunst crew to add weight and add Kmph so be it.

Cheer,s for the input, it aint over, just startin green.

I want !

Darling I would like !

Them leathers hangin in the corner of that anquie shop.


Yeah that was the case with the original style drop thru’s with standard cresent/curved concave. These had very shallow concave almost un-nooticeable.
Speed boards these days have t2 or flat cave. totally flat in the middle (about 4"wide)with deep (up to 1/2") concave curving up to the rail. Evo, demonseed, kebbek etc all have this.
Which ever of the mentioned boards you get you’re gonna get alotta years worth of riding because they’re all strong and well built.
Use this as ammo to help you convince the missus.
Tell her its “an investment” :wink:


text sent


link to fitz demon machine


I tossed up between an Evo and a DH for Newtons this year and went for the DH expressly because of the already dewedged front. I really really didn’t want the front end giving me the wobbles. In the event it was rock solid. Phew. I was really amazed how stable the whole contraption was (Thanks Fitz & Robbo for the setup advice) As to the width, yes I noticed the evo has a nicer line being wider at the front. I thought it would give a better foot placement but I went for the stability aspect. The width didn’t bother me. I’m 5’10" 12 stone. size 9 feet. Remember too that you can dewedge the Evo if you need. (Hmmmm… which I’d thought of that before. Go the Evo)

Mark - just how many beers did you have? It was funny to read… the further into your speel the more unintelligble it became lolololol


more great advise thanks heaps guys.
jumping off the yacht quiver.
locking in the seed, bears, biltins and either the green zigs or white cored seismic is there much difference ?

Seven and a packet of Cheezelz was dinner, thank christ the missus (chef) dont stay over at the daughters to often, I have been working on lengthing my sentences for some time now and realize expecting others to read my mind is a darft idea.
I did enjoy myself to Eddie.


Both zigs and seismic make for premium allround longboarding. You’re only going to notice the difference in race situation.

Enjoy your new rig mate. Those components will complement each other nicely.


Yeah Mark, that’ll work great, regardless of whether you go for Seismics or BigZigs. It’ll be a rock-solid setup.


HEY guys watsup?? me an the boys are totally noo to dh…weve invested in two landyachtz…an now comes the tweaking faze…ive been on the phone to hop and here we go…next are some orangutan wheels…word me up fellas wich way do we go what sort of things should we consider??

when we went for the first skate on em my son came away from his board and had his first major slam…when i got to him he looked up at me and said"i just wanted to be a man like you"i was in tears…hes a beautifull kid and he rocks,his name is kyle and hes a hell man in my eyes…thanks fellas any advice will be really appreciated,thanks ita.