Knee Pads?



My current knee pads ‘Primates’ are on the way out and I need to get replacement pads.

Ideally I’ll love another set of Primates, but I think that is near impossible, due to supply. (Unless anyone knows Johnny is making them again?)

What I like about the Primates are:

Flat plastic caps,
Nice secure fit,
Great padding,
Great lasting pads

What do people recommend as an alternative?



Johnny Primate is on Facebook, so you could ask him.


good question dave talk to billy there is a wide choice now isnt there


if jonnie aint makin ask boom boom he’ll sort you


Have you thought about seeing if your Primates can be repaired Dave?
I had a Pro-Designed wrist guard repaired including new velcro for $7 by a traditional suburban cobbler.
I’m sure your pads are well worn but could be worth the ask. I’m pretty sure Jon M has spare caps if you need them too.


187, cheap, effective.
Knee pads are not suppose to last more than 6 to 12 months anyway.
The foam gets hammered, its only good for so many impacts.
Just because the construction of the pads are excellent for what we have grown up with, the damage its doing because the impact absorbsion is not there as like new.
Ever wondered why you get a sore back or puffy knees while wearing pads?
Ask how old the set is, do yourself a favour and buy knee ones periodically!


Good advice brother, I’ll look up the 187’s!


I’ll back up Jimmy’s recommendation on the 187s Dave… Mine have copped a thrashing over the past few years yet they still keep ticking.

Whilst on the subject though, how many guys wear knee gaskets under their pads??.. I noticed most of the older guys at the Bowlarama were wearing both…


I replace my pads every 6 months or less these days and burn through recaps one set a month on the new ramp surface.
Even if my pads look fine, they still are flogged.
I wear 187 knee gaskets also, they are hinged and fit well.