Kickflip this you old fart!


Canberra sessions pretty much all still happen via here, I think. Times change, people come and go, I haven’t hopped on a fucking skateboard for probably months now.

But I’m not out posting up on mountain bike forums either, even though that’s replaced my skating recently. Not even really in any facebook mountain bike groups either. Occasionally post in skate groups.

I was on facebook well before I found charlie.

There is just too much information for anyone to keep up these days, even a 20 year veteran of interwebz like me has trouble coping.

But I still love to come back here and stay in touch. Viva la Charlie.


Good onya Scottie.
I did notice the Canberra sessions is still alive and kicking here.

Haven’t been on a board much myself recently, but then it is winter here in Melb!

Having a skate at Kensington tomorrow…so that’s a good thing :slight_smile:


oh…my password …shit…I couldn’t remember it its been so long!

Sean, head down to St Kilda on any dry saturday or sunday morning and there will always be a couple of old cogers to have a roll with. Don’t bother after 11am on weekends though, its chaos.


Thanks for the tip Matt…hope you are well and still skating.
Was good to see you at Big Dazzas birthday a few months back.

Oh and don’t forget that password and good to see you posting 8)