Surf Rodz are making a cnc vershion of indes
I for 1 will be getting a set
Has anyone tryed them?


Nope not yet but here’s a look.

IndeeSZ. Plenty of kingpin on em :open_mouth:

and a couple of grinds … re=related


I have a set of the smaller In Deesz, they are not bad at all. They turn real good and a quite responsive, I have them set up on an LDP board. I may give them a try on an OMA Tank as the Theeves on that board are bent?? I had a bit of trouble with one of the Indeesz, the hanger wasn’t threaded very well and it took a while to get the axle to take. They are a bit fiddly but once in place it’s no trouble.


Hey Judge,

I believe (don’t quote me on it) that Theeve will/may replace bent trucks (saw it on another site)? May want to contact the store or Theeve directly?

obviously depends on condition

cheers Brock


pete johnson has been rocking a set of the 177’s on his DH board and is loving them, they turn nice, but not like an indy does, stable, agile and heaps of lean, also pretty darn light


They have just done a run of fixed axel indeez, Hemley should have a few sets in soon.
ill deffently be geting a set…


All stage one Theeves get replaced if they bend. Contact your local store where you purchased them or if its an issue PM me for details.
The issue has been sorted, these were not the high end product.
It was a run in early 2010 that were affected. All has been rectified since. :smiling_imp: