Gallston Rd


has anyone ever checked out Galston Rd near Berowra Valley Bushland park? im looking at it on google maps and its looking epic… hairpin after hairpin, smooth road surface…

anyone up for a recon mission? :laughing:


not galston gorge place is super knarly every boy racer in sydney hits that place :open_mouth:


how about during the day on a thursday? :laughing:
if its good for those drift-fags in their cars then it must be sick for downhill skateboards…


I have cycled through there a few times. I remember cycling in the late 80’s through the gorge and passing more than one sign that said “No Semi-trailers” only to find a semi jack-knifed on a hairpin halfway down with a red faced driver and several very, very angry police and tow truck drivers.

Out of interest has anybody skated down from Waterfall into the National Park?


Jacko remember thou is mortal :slight_smile:


went n checked it out yesterday… the winding side looked like so much fun… so many tight switchbacks… only problem was traffic. the road is very skatable but the corners are so blind and tight you’d need the whole road and if theres a car coming thats the end of you…
however, the other side of the gorge is pretty fun…


Nice lads very Noice. Blackwood where those tow cars pritty close or dose it just look close? estermated speed ?
Very Jelous :wink: :wink:


they were extremely close… on the next run he got a bit too close and his front right wheel clipped the back right wheel of a car, the wheel on his board got owned… the bloody thing popped right off the core! it was amazing no one got hurt… it was pretty cool though the bearings and core of the wheel were still on the axle of his truck but the whole wheel popped off…


:open_mouth: :open_mouth: FFUUUUUUUUUCKKKKK :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
(CORE) thats F>>>ing Hard Core :laughing: :laughing:
Glad thier’s a happy ending :wink: later :wink:


Yeah , that corner is the only sketch bit. its a blind left / right. those cars were close but the second time round was way too close. 4 cars on the corner and no where to go, the guy was cool though and i still have my legs. ripped a big zig right off the hub! it was that or hit the back of his rodeo ute. it shook me up a bit.could have gone either way. having said that, go easy on that corner and the rest is sweet, airbrake only, and good surface. just wish i went harder in the video damnit!


I just saw the vid.That would have to be the coolest thing i have seen in a loooong time.I am just blown away.


You guys may be onto this already but Galston Gorge is closed for the next few weeks due to major road work.

As far as I know it relates to subsidence on one side of the road only and its on i think the upper Hornsby side.

Whether they are working on it 7 days a week or not and whether some sections are totally unrideable or not I dont know but it may be worth a look.


The boys have been riding for a couple weeks. Just had an outlaw DH race on it the other day