Earthwing Thruster


Intrested to know what they ride like …if anyone has one or ridden one , can i scratch your head :smiley:


Hi Ratboy,
I’d suggest posting your query on asra.
Maybe some groms on there might have tried one.


No but I have a Superglider and a Miniglider. They make some pretty cool decks.


I heard they run best on green wheels,


Cheers Guys , …thanks for your coments :smiley:

Cool hambo i have a supermodel and your right they are nice decks to ride …
I have read reviews on the thruster and they all claim to be really cool rides , just wanted to confirm if it’s all hype or not…


generally earthwing stuff is top notch, i have a mysterymodel and its out of this world the new bigger thrusters seem awesome