Coretech Wheels


I had been looking around for a set Coretech Supercores for a while with no luck. On a recent work trip to Townsville I dropped in to Cre8ive Sk8 and discovered that Ado, the owner, has got plenty of Coretech stock.

Scored a set of the Supercores I was after which are nice and fast and quite grippy for a hard skinny wheel.
Ado has more of these and also Coretech Discs, 58mm Photons (I think) and some soft longboard type wheels.

Check with Ado if you are looking for Coretech



there is a surf/skate shop in liverpool that has s few sets of cortech photons and discs. i nearly had a heart attack when i saw the price tag of $19 and $15 on the sets of four only to find out that is what they charge per wheel.