Carefull boys, this could get out of hand :laughing:
She had a great um…smile too.
Watching you guy’s watchin her was classic.


that was quite impressive, the drop in also she even can launch out the other side. Stats for the lads, and inspiration for Leah. :smiling_imp:


Well said Jimmy,
The Lads were most definitely impressed (to say the least).

will send you payment for rails soonish thanks for your patience


Thats right Scott, we were all watching each other to see who was watching Anita…




The focus and determination I had this day was extraordinary, I was on it big time! You know that feeling where you can see and feel nothing but that skateboard under your feet and you have your entire roll playing over in your head. Carve the bowl Leah, rock to fakie, carve again, tail stall on the coping today, it’s there, take it it’s yours. You’ve prepared well…time to graduate to a new level. You go again and again and again, the intensity of your concentration gets more profound each time you go. Suddennly you find yourself in a zone where it is an escape, however there will be no escape from it. I take that next roll in, I want it bad this time, I carve around higher and faster than Ive ever been before, kickturn, pump across the bowl…c’mon Leah get those wheels over the coping, break the barrier. Suddenly my back wheels go over the coping, hang up…SMACK, down on the left hip. I start laughing and gasping for air at the pain at the same time. “WOOHOO!!! At least I went over the coping…YEAH!!!”.
Skaters and bikers alike are laughing and cheering at my response to the slam. I get up and limp quickly out of the bowl, I’ve got to get it again, I want to kick turn at the top and feel that grind on my trucks. I want to take that coping.

I roll again straight away, carve, kickturn, pump, kickturn at the top, no coping but close, pump, tail tap high on the transition. My breathing near stops, I didn’t lean forward far enough, in an instant the amount of thoughts that go through my head could fill a book….gammy manual down the transition…recover Leah, recover, lean forward, hold it, nope, Ive lost control, going down, the board flows out to the side with the weight of my back foot still on “my head went this way, my guts went that way”, actually it was my knee went this way, my ankle went that way. I felt the bones in my ankle twist and prayed for it not to break. I lay there a brief moment in agony, took a breath “F*#K IT”, I knew my day was over. I rolled over, got up and limped out of the bowl again. Now any normal human being, especially a responsible parent you would think at this stage, would not skate again. If you can’t walk, you can’t skate. Not me however, the adrenallin pumping through my body wouldn’t allow me to acknowledge the pain I was in. I wanted that coping and that’s all there was to it. I make another feeble attempt to roll into the bowl, I bail and near crawl out…it’s over.

Depression started to set in soon after the adrenallin slowed and the pain really kicked in. I didn’t know which way to limp, left hip, right ankle and knee, and I had managed to aggravate a previous shoulder injury at the same time. The next night we had a MOSS session at the Ring of Fire. I stared at my padding backpack and my skater all day willing my injury to get better. I managed to convince myself that I was fine and I had enough movement to skate, even though I couldn’t walk properly, I’ll just go buy a knee and ankle brace. I picked up my backpack, put it away and got it out again I don’t know how many times that day. Finally I decided to take it with me to the ring of fire, perhaps if I just had a little roll it might loosen things up a bit. Downright grief set in when we reached the ring of fire and I started to make my way up the steps, there was no way I was going to be able to skate no matter how much my brain wanted it. Then the realisation kicked in about how stupid a concept it was for me to even think about skating when I was in this condition. Then I got up to the bowl and I started to consider rolling again. After conversations with a few people and watching the mad assed ripping that was going on I started feeling pretty challenged to say the least. It was decided that my skater and my pack needed to be confiscated. My son and I both suffer from severe ADHD, controlled with chinese herbs, meditation, diet and loads of exercise. Impulse control is a constant challenge. One of the reasons I love my skateboarding so much is that it’s the only thing in the world that insights and maintains my focus and concentration. It has filtered into every area of my life, so maybe skateboarding is the miracle cure. Taking it away has been like ripping the magic carpet from underneath my feet. A week and a half later and my knee is still in a brace, I know I have to take it easy because I don’t want to be off that board for any longer than absolutely necessary. So now I’m sitting at my computer with my first skateboard under my feet rocking it back and forth and writing, until such time as I can get out and at it again. I’m obsessed, a junkie for that combination of hardcore achievement and a peaceful state of mind. What’s great is that although I can’t do it, at least I can write about it, watch everyone else rip it up and learn by observing. Ive still got it in my head that I want that coping, and I will get it……in due course…and when Bill gives my skateboard back haha


Recorery, Rest and Reflection the 3 R’s of skating keep up the stoke even if it has to come out through the keyboard.

is better to be back fit and ready rather than always carrying a niggling injury…and Bill can use your sk8 to learn to carve LOL





Thanks guys!!!

By the way…BIG PROPS for Anita!!! I so want that drop, and it has inspired me no end!!! The video wont play on my computer for some stupid reason…major annoyance!!! We need more skate mums…c’mon boys recruit a few!!!


You need Quicktime to play .mov files and you have to join eengodidee to download the thing.

You can download Quicktime if you haven’t got it here


Yeah more recruits we want skater moms not milf…although a good smattering of both might be the most suitable compromise


Wedge has been the official MOSS milf liason officer and seemed to have the task well in hand at the 1st few skates at Pt Cook, since then there has been no skater moms or milf within a bulls roar of a skatepark.

Maybe the female Mosser should offer him some advise and maybe revise his approach and recruitting methods…maybe we should determine the best recruitters and hand the role over to them.

Surfing was a male bastion in the 70’s and 80’s and now it is great to see more and more chicks matching it with the guys in the water, maybe with bowl skating making such a comback the style and flow might attract the chica’s to start skating as well


Yeh. Chicks look great skatin around bowls. Saw a couple yesterday afternoon at Bondi Bowl. Should have seen em rip.


When I was in chicago last Sep’t there were 3 chicas at the Wilson pk just carving in the pool smooth stylish and great to watch



I love watching skateboarding, not just checking it out but really looking at how the skater moves. I study each person Im looking at intensly, whether they be an advanced skater or a beginner. I love watching the smooth stylish carve around the bowl and skaters that have the magic flow going on. Ive worked out that skaters that are sketchy go into the bowl in what seems to be a wobbly mindset. They look uncomfortable. With the advanced skaters they seem to have a sixth sense, they don’t go in thinking they arent going to nail it, they go in believing that they can. If they sense physics wont allow it they bail before major impact. Advanced skaters seem more relaxed. Ive just decided that my next task should be bailing practice, jumping into the bowl on my kneepads, getting used to the sensation of falling, developing an instinct as to which way to fall. Falling is a major fear. I guess that’s why the first drop is a big challenge for most every skater. You have to let go of all sense of stability, lean forward and trust that your skateboard will grow wings as will you.


As the strange little man in the “Guiness” ad once said “I like to watch”



Watching my boy grow through skateboarding both inside and out has been a major buzz for me. He has never really stuck to anything like he has with skateboarding. I found it entertaining in the beginning to watch the social dynamics in the skatepark and how he slotted into it. The other kids, especially the older ones, realized pretty quickly that he was a bit different. They compensated and were amused by him, but at the same time, didn’t let him get away with much. I was really impressed and floored with laughter one day when the sticker collector “cracked it”. It was a busy day at the East Bentleigh skate park and he was over it. He stood up on the centre funbox and screamed at the top of his lungs “CAN EVERYONE JUST STOP!!! I JUST WANT 15 MINUTES TO SKATE ON MY OWN!!!” I nearly choked, every person in the skatepark I’m sure, had exactly the same idea at exactly the same time. It seemed like 20 kids dropped in at once, ollying and kickflipping across the funbox in front of, behind and around him. The boy nearly had a seizure with rage and I nearly stopped breathing from laughing so hard. He stormed over to me screaming “THEY WONT LET ME SKATE!!!” I took him away, calmed him down and had a little talk about public domain, sharing and consideration of other people….this was the first of many little chats in the skatepark.

A similar incident happened at the OSSJ. We are both learning sign language and I have found that it’s a brilliant tool to communicate with him across a distance without having to yell across or walk over to him. However, not even the sign language worked on the OSSJ day. I had to take him away for the little talk yet again. When I’d finished, he looked at me with his distraught little face and tears welling in his eyes and said “But mum you don’t understand, skateboarding is the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life”. Since the skate jam he seems to understand that skateboarding is the best thing that’s happened in a lot of peoples lives and he’s started showing awareness and consideration in the parks.

He has never liked being hurt and near faints at the sight of blood. His last nights skating saw a major achievement, both in his skateboarding and his mental attitude. In true mummy style I have raised him with positive parenting and snuggliness. When we started skateboarding in the bowl however, I realized that he was what most commonly refer to as “soft”. If he fell off he would lay there and cry and hold up traffic, 98% of the time not even remotely hurt. Last night Bill and I took him to Fitzroy bowl, he winged all the way there “I just want to go to Chelts”. When we arrived, he saw the bowl and couldn’t get out of the car quick enough to skate it. There was only a small group of skaters there, the boy was on fire!!! He was a crowd pleaser that’s for sure; full of gusto he would drop the small end of the bowl, roll over the hump into the deep end of the bowl, carve around and start pumping with the aim of rolling back over the hump into the shallow end. He didn’t give up, same thing over and over again for an hour almost making it every time. Then, he almost made it over again bailed and slid down the transition on his knees and elbow pads and started to cry. He wasn’t hurt, it was just the shock of falling off and the fact that he had been trying so hard and couldn’t do it. Bill called across the bowl “Get up, you’re not hurt, take it out on your skateboard and get across that hump…that’s what you wanted to do isn’t it, so just do it!!” The crocodile tears stopped straight away. He went back to the shallow end, dropped it, rolled over the hump, carved it, got a speedy pump going and then flew back over the hump into the shallow end. I don’t think I’ve ever jumped so high or screamed so loud with joy. The boy was stoked, grin from ear to ear he kept going at it and achieving it over and over again. He came home last night knowing it through experiencing it that if you show determination and strength through adversity, you can achieve anything. He had the most peaceful sleep that he’s had in a long long time, and now he wants to try and skate parks other than Chelts.

Big props to all of the skate boys for having such a great influence on my boy who is the love of my life…especially Eli, Fletch, Jimmy and of course Bill.


The Kids are our future, treat them well, let them lead the way.
Thanks leah for the positive comment to us lads, even though it looks like we maybe corupting him at times ( aka, what board is Fletch riding) lol.

Im trying to pave the way slowly with my 5 yr old, he lovesthe Torq bowl for bob the builder skoot’n, down the waterfall, no bottom feeding anymore and bombs the banks. The older kids laugh, but he’s keen.
Sometimes he rides his skateboard and lies flat on the sucker and belts down the bank head first, its a worry, but he likes the speed, caught him finally standing on it for once rolling around the bottom of the small bowl, but when you rev him up, he ditches the board and would rather sesh bob the builder skooter. If there was a career in that, he would be the raddest 5 year old i know. :smiling_imp:
Still the conversion is hard!!


Best thread ever.


Yeah Jimmy, good point on the corruption issue…Fletch your deck is banned from all television appearances, especially when Jimmy is around to convince young children that they can legitimately swear on national television.

Never be concerned about Bob the Builder by the way, he can fix anything!!!


Thanks for the props Leah its is a pleasure to Skate with you and your boy your determination and enthusiasm is an inspriration to us all and reading your blogs is a real insight and interesting perspective on life.

But i dont know what all the fuss about my skatey is what does a 9 yr old find funny about a Shitbird with Shitfire Black farts???

I have 2 sons, 1 at 13yrs old and another 9, they are very different in so many ways. the older is quite shy and very calculated in his actions, not in a bad way…he just likes to do everything well. quite often refining his skills when no one is around

As some of you know I have a mini in my yard

I had the older one out there holding his hand while he dropped in he got to the stage where I was only a balance point and he dropped in with out me twice…then it happened…slight hesitation = a big slam He has not been back since although is contantly watchin sk8 vids and dvd’s and doing a school project on Tony Hawk

He WILL be dropping in unassisted by sunday night.

The younger one, however is gifted with speed, balance, agility and the cheekiness of his father He takes to all sports like a duck to water. He absolutely loves the mini and rips it grinds 50/50’ stalls and slides. he has beeen dropping in for a lot longer than I and was a major push in my overcoming this major hurdle

Kids are such sponges for information and experiences and each takes a different approach, I can be completely brash with my youngest and he responds with an “I’ll show you” attitude the older one requires a nuturing almost motherly approach, luckily im in touch with my feminine side and can adapt to help him along.

Jimmy you are right Kids are the future, I can tell you i get more of a buzz watching mine nail a move than I do making one myself, might be cause i cant do any tricks hmmm

Serious Fletch has now left the building