Hey Im not old…


I think our guest is interested in knowing what the ‘look’ in a girls eyes that’s picking up boys looks like - not what the young girl looked like.

I hope guest - register and reveal yourself!

Leah - love the ramblings, keep em comin :slight_smile:


It’s all good, just taking advantage of a cheap shot.

Excuse the ageism. Most regular posters are of a finer vintage if you get my meaning. Maybe not a Bordeaux Red, possibly a cheddar (cheesy).


Stoked Skater Look = wide sparkly grin from ear to ear eyes looking at the whole world and breathing it in

Pick Up Boys = bat the eyelids, slight smirk, looks directly in your eyes, not interested in the rest of the world.


what you said dude, but Ill leave the post unregistered just to add some mystery


You forgot the display rack and wiggle bottom as walking

wearing a tight “blonde T” might be a good ploy as well lmao

not that I noticed focus was on the stoked skater smiles


You can have combination smiles!!! lmao


You barstards aren’t going to hijack this thread as well with you filthy talk and inuendo. Put’s me of a mind to write a letter outlining the woes of a downward spiralling moral and social conscience. You two should wait till your married and cease parading your over inflated libidinous yearnings all over my internet.

I expect this kind of behaiviour From Fletcher but Leah, you know better and be taking this up with you in person, mark my words!

20 hail Mary’s and a thourough flagelation for both of you, and No Fletcher you can’t watch Leah flagelating.


Hahahahaha…sorry…but it was the mysterious YOUNG devious guest that started it…this thred was designed specifically for my blog and I got raided!!!


Flagelation A word I remenber from 4th form biology and a girl named Caro----- springs to mind she spent quite an amount of time hailing mary but this site is all about skating and there it shall return.

The ring was a quite venue last night. some young rapscalions are trying to hijack our tues sesh at least last night they showed some respect


[size=150][color=red]THEY ARE SMALL AND WE SHALL BREAK THEM!![/size][/b]


I think I may have had a little to much sugar at lunch today


Inuendo now has a home lmao


Ahh the woes of a downward spiralling moral and social conscience. seems to me you suggest that the world is in a state of moral and social “de-evolution” (Devo for short)

That works for me , can I get a copy of “Secret Agent man” from Rgrant or Skatexec?


If you register as secret agent man guest - certainly I’ll flow you an mp3. Or has the FBI given you a number and taken away your name :wink:


I’ll make contact with you on Saturday at one of the 2 usual saturday locations to claim the mp3


That is of course if the wife lets me…


Cheers S.A.M. I’ll knock you up a copy of Pioneers.

I won’t be at either haunt this weekend though. Catch you up over Easter and you can reveal your secret identity.


The 2 young girls Leah, we can refer them to the Groupies category, back a while ago on page 2, sorry for the late response, an excuss, shift worker


As the thread is titled chick Flick thought a link to a video of Anita getting her first drop in at Maroubra (last Saturday) would be appropriate.

Anita spent 3 months taking her son to the skatepark and decided that she would have a go. And she is progressing well… …

right click and select save as. I am assuming you are an member of eengoedidee