Charliedontskate boards


filth filth filth filth!!!


I like him

Skoot, the skaterbuilt has a nice curved rail…looks and works exceptionally well. …the Ground Hogs pointy nose is short and not as functional…bloody awsome, intimidating appearance though.

When i think of it the only tricks i know how to to do that reguire use of the nose are best done with a flat nosed board


Its what I recon old school would have evolved to. If new school hadn’t of gotten in the way.


What you reckon about a slightly rounder nose like this.

Disregard the rest of the board as yours is heaps better, I’ve just added it for context.


Yeh I like the nose. That’ll work.


The gif is rad Scott, youll have to learn me how to do that.


Hey groundhangers, what do you want from a board?



Now that looks nice…although in the interests of the comittee being formed to concoct a horse and coming up with a camel, another two bobs worth from me: perhaps a slightly wider tail ala the old fish shapes?

Aaaaaah I dunno - it looks pretty cool nonetheless!


MMMMM, I like it, I like it a lot.
starting to do a homer simpson… drooling saliva from the corner of my mouth!!!
Great effort guys…the shape is totally old school.
Can I order one with routered rails, like the old sims models?


why 5 ply?
wont that make it weaker than 7 ply, or does the formica make it stronger?


We need to conference call!!!

I agree with Bondi, slightly flared wold be cool.

I had no idea we were all working on the 10 1/2"

I think we may owe you a beer after all this Skoot.


the 5 ply was chosen to reduce weight. there is talk of getting carbon fibre in between the ply for strength…Frankenboard!!!


Well i dont really use the nose much so why even have one, just extra wieght, probably oldschool style nose 3 1/2 - 4". That little bump on the front of the deck that Scott designed looks good to go!

9 1/4" where your front foot is placed only! with good concave, cuttaway very quickly down to the back tail I meen you have to be realstic for the strength of the deck (more execess weight thats not needed). .

A nice wide tail with generouse slope (effortless to lift). Some of the smaller width tails i have to move my back foot around to ajust for different tricks. Oh another 1/4 to 1/2" longer too, sometimes i like a quicker lift (also makes the nose lighter) much more resposive. You dont have to use the lengthy tail but its there when you need it.

A slightly shorter wheel base, again much more responsive and lighter lift, when rocking theres minimal foot movement. When i do frontside rock’n’rolls i want to get them around as quick as i can, i have had problems with longer wheel bases.

A deck like this may rather strange compared to others, but i reckon it would be much more practical other that going for a nice looking shape that looks like a skateboard, make it suit your needs more.

Oh dont forget the wheelwells.


Your pretty close to reading my mind GH.

I have just cut the nose of my pirate (6" to 4.5")
I would like a 7" tail and a 15.5" wheelbase.

I think the only area we differ is in the maximum width, I’m thinking about 9.5" just to give a little more for the back foot (taking into consideration the cut away)

There has been talk of a couple of sized models.

Ive been toying with rail design



Bugger that was meant to have rails in it

try again


What abunch of sad bastards we are, Saturday night and hovering over some dream of skateboards past made present!


Scot do you mind if I steal your c.d.s. logo and have a play with placement etc>


No worries, use any of the graphics, cut and paste etc, its all a work in progress. I guess I was favouring a more wider board :stuck_out_tongue: . We probly should sort the 9.5 deck out first. Some good input from GroundHangers there too.

So lets get the main dimensions up for comment.
9.5 or 9.25 wide at front foot.
33 long ???
7 tail
15.5 wheelbase
4 nose mellow???
:bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:


Thanks Scot,
Couple of points, the dimensions you have will add up to 31".

I have cut the nose off the pirate and have found 4.5" inches a little close to my front foot positioning and may limit nose grababilty. My suggestion would be 5". this would leave the board at 32".

To be honest the details are starting to get pretty fine and I would love to ride any and all of these sugested dimensions, but while we have the oportunity it is great to throw some ideas around with you guys.

I wacked Scots logo on. what you reckon.

I had a bit of a play with graphics but I reckon the board above looks better.