Charliedontskate boards


Fanf*ckintastic, love the nose, tail and tapers…try channels…and shield graphic on top too.


Needs work.


wheres the 360 spin gif Scott?


Hell yeh Skoot! I’m probably swimming aginast the tide but an 8.75 x 32.5, 15WB in that shape would be a winner.


MMMMMMMM looking tasty bright red or black formica would look great with clear timber cut outs


FUCK FUCK FUCK I’m excited, great work Scott.
I think I like the skull to the right of the one you used…looks meaner.
5 ply superlight with formica the way to go, agreed Fletch clear timber taper cut wheel wells.
mmmmmm colour, lets see some!


rails baby,


I’m with you on those dimensions Skatexec


Any chance of a 1 off into the mix???


What are the dimensions you’ve built it to?

Love the sheild Idea


If everyone likes the shape etc…different sizes are possible.


if I were to be critical I would like the nose a little pointier. Any graphics on top should prolly sit closer to the back than the front.
Is it poss to get one with a 5 1/4" nose and 7" tail and 9 1/2" wide?

Skoot you ARE a freakin geeeeenniiiiiiiuuuss!!


i like the shape as it is, but fancy the idea of one fat enough to cope with Indy 215s…sorta your 10-11 inch wide sorta thing.

any ideas on a price per unit to us, the customers? I need to know how much to save up!


This will give you an Idea for width choices.

Table taken from BDS setup post by gorilla_skater


Couldn’t work on it last night, had to skate riverwood with MAS*H. Ha ha fun first.
Eli, I will keep the first model on file as it was a good start point and a shape most people are liking. We’ll call it mkI. I will reshape it with a slightly more pointy nose with maybe a 1 to 1.5 flat chop on the front. I’ll move the shield back more towards the rear (should a known that one).
I think that the straight rails with a slight taper into both the kick and nose shape is very functional and something Ive never seen on a deck. This will give your feet good lock in when both on top AND with heel slightly hanging over the side a bit.
The following widths have been put forward.
Also what do you all think of the nose on mkI being mellow. I like it. Steep enough to lock your feet into and to catch an ollie ( :open_mouth: ) but not too steep (Blacklabel) to trip over.


you got to do an 8 inch model as well


I think that size is better suited to a std popsicle shape but with a squarer tail and std round nose.
BTW mosu, nice front side grind last night.


I’m not sure whether the tail and nose angle is adjustable. It might be worth finding out exactly what variables are available.

Any word from the deck guy in Brissy?

I pesonally like the mellower nose.

Great work on the Truck table. I was a bit worried about fitting a truck to a 9 1/2" deck but as it turns out I’ll be fine, thanks.


Reshaped nose and just an idea for the width. Slightly wider where the front foot is. Which gives more concave where its needed.

This is MKII. Setup truck/wheel combo width to suit front deck width. This means the rear wheels will be more visable on F/S grinds without any “overall” overhang. I recon this deck would be very easy/nice to ride.


Skoot you could be rendering those of real boards and getting work doing them for on line retailers. Really.