Cannonball Photo's


hey all
to help pass the time while i’ve been injured i’ve taken up photography.
for the last few months i’ve been snapping some melbourne skate sessions.
instead of clogging up session threads with pics i’m gunna post them up here instead. feel free to comment , any advice will be appreciated.
i’ll start with last night at monash carpark, and if i can i’ll move pics from previous session in here.

Osama turned up

very complicated carpark skating


They really are great shots Paul!


Eh, nice work. How do the ghost images ones work? C’mon, post up all the earlier ones too - I for one got nothing better to do most nights than trawl this stuff.
Ching= deer in headlights, Chris Binladen - how’s that max macho determination on his dial? (the racing shot, not the dress ups one)
Was mucho fun but I fear I won’t be about next week for the ditch gig, which is a thorough bummer. Might see if it’s feasible to tweak my social calendar , even if only for a few hours…

Cheers, Noel


great photos cannonball. still have to get to one of those sessions.


thanks guys
the ghost shots are done with long exposure and then firing the flash to catch the skater. the trick is working out the balance. experimenting…
here is some from a session at a secret location , somewhere



hey cannonball with the long exposure shots you should try using second curtain flash then you get a clean image with the trail behind them instead of in front. :smiley:


yeah ,i see what you mean troy. i was actually firing the flash manually when the skater hit the corner. its fun experimenting anyway :slight_smile:


A secret location it may well be, but what’s no longer a secret is who’s in on it…


:smiley: Good pics cannonball

SSSHHHHHHH… The home of the waves… :smiley: :smiley:


Riping Pics.
Mini Oakley (little liam) is banging air walk to fakies last nite on it, youth gone wild! :smiling_imp:


from Coburg a couple of weeks ago


pics of Ben at the Rehab sessions, credit to Bill



went to the ditch tonight, so much fun :smiley:
here’s a couple of pics i took


Yeah what a great night. More than 50 dudes a stylin’ and a gasbagin’

Good lens work Cannonball.

And thanks to the organisers, sponors and ditch cleaners!

Who’s got the group photos and the shots of the happy winners?
Post 'em up…


Cannonball!..Direct Hit!!! 8)
Keep smashing those shot’s :smiley:


Thanks Moris
If you want to see more check out the album


some recent tuesday night pics


great photos of the ditch.
Callum looks angry about that grind.


photo’s from Bill’s Shoot out…
great session :smiley:


awsome shots as always Paul!