Looking to put some new bushes in some tracker 161s, it’ll be mainly for riding to uni and to work. What would you guys reccommend?


Khiro work fine for me, prefer the metal insert topped bushing in medium but its all personal preference in my opinion


Just put some bones “hard” in my 161s trackers… I didn’t realise they would be so good compared with the stds they come with. I had to leave the bottom washer off to get them to fit, but they feel awesome.


Bones Med for me - I have them in a few set of Trackers and they made a big difference. I still don’t get why manufacturers of trucks promoting turning and stability try to rely on standard crappy bushings.


Awesome, I think I might get a set of soft bones because its just for the daily rider and I love to carve. They’ll fit on regular trucks fine? My brothers got my almost new set of daewon tensors but the bushes are too hard for him.


i just hand tightened mine to the point where you cant use your fingers to turn it anymore.these are awesome trucks for ‘tracker’ brand. i wonder what point they were trying to make with the ‘no-turn’ 80s ones?