Bret - (One T) - Rest In Peace


what a complete shock,
bret was such a nice bloke, it was only 3 weeks ago i skated with him at the sos.
a very sad loss ,our thoughts go out to his family at this very difficult time…boomer & family…


BreT loved this shot that Bill took at the SOS 2006


Yeah such a huge loss.The last thing I remember of Bret was his smiling face as he left Greenwich to catch his flight home.We just had an awesome time that day and had a good chat about the good old days when we skated together at the boat ramp.We both realised just how much we actually hung around together and how I had been to his house on numerous occasions.We had been to the same comps and had the same friends an so many skate sessions together we it was amazing.I gave him one of my home made decks like we rode in the day and he took that back with him.He was such a good bloke as when he went to Victoria he had that same infectious charm about him there as well.He had the ability to get the best out of people and never were any harsh words to ever come from him about any one.
There was so much more to catch up on but it won’t happen now.
Bret will be sorely missed by one and all but never forgotten.
Roll in peace forever.Bret
I don’t usually get to emotional but this came close to brining tears to my eyes I still have a lump in my throat.So very very sad.
My condolences go out to his loved ones. We all greive with you.


Hard to know what to say with such news.
I had only met one-t a few times over the years but he always made such a huge impression.



A very generous person and friend gone…


I have to express this,
This week has seen some absolute high’s and low’s for me.
Firstly bret (one-t) was a person that transcended the garbage that goes on with the scene of skateboarding, he simply got on with it and never took the industry personally and continued to inspire to keep rolling.
There are SKATER’S out there who SO NEED TO LEARN by ONE-T’s example…it’s a joke!!!
I am so angry that someone like that get’s taken down…WAY TOO SOON IN LIFE! :imp:


having recently returned to skating you always made me feel welcome and offered encouragement thanks mate you will be sadly missed deepest sympathy ludi + fam


What do you say ?
Such a sad & tragic loss of a beautiful man.
Our thoughts & prayers go out to his Family & closest friends.

Bret always inspired me, & made me smile when he skated, thats how I’ll always remember him. As well as his words of wisdom.

Sorry if I’ve over stepped the mark, but I thought Bill. S. would want to say a few words about a true friend who was very close to him.
Someone who helped shape the future of Australian skateboarding & still is.
RIP. One T.


The last time I saw Bret was at Newport a few weeks ago.
I had taken my camera…glad I did as this is how I will remember him.


that’s perfect Braden - that’s my mate - wow & thanks :smiley:


Last time I spoke to Bret he asked how the backside airs were going I said that I was stil having no end of trouble with them and the inverts, he smiled and said that when they happen remember this conversation.
He also told me that five dock was his sydney fav.
This afternoon about 3 o clock ,I will with heavy heart skate 5 dock , and I dearly hope that Bret now in skate valhala may be watching

To Brets’ family and loved ones’ , let me say once again how much we all admired and looked up to Bret, especially me :cry:


Classic pic Cam. Thanks for posting.
Thanks to you too Braden for that footage. Bret always had a smile happening and a wry sense of humour.

I still can’t believe he is gone.
RIP bro.




although i didn’t know him well, for me bret embodied the spirit of old school skating.

his was a face i remembered from the skateparks of my youth. and back then and up until now, i remember stopping to watch his runs and being inspired by his style and spirit. someone once said to me of bret, adrian and wedge that he still felt like a little kid surrounded by ‘pros’ when he skated with them. they are and remain the ‘pro’s’ of our youth, skaters we look up to in awe, the ones that fuel our passion.

RIP bret


such sad news,

its hard to know what to say. each time i think about it i picture us all standing around the bowl, bret’s only just had his run but pushes through us heading back for another…“we come here to skate, not friggin chatter”…he grumbles. puts his board over the edge and looks across the bowl at 10y.o. harry and yells “jeeeesus harry, are you gunna bloody go or not!” once harrys dropped bret picks up his board and gives us that wry one-T look before heading to the back of the crew to take his turn.

r.ip. old fella


Ive tried to think what to say for the past couple of days now, and i still cant, but that picture Cam, is something that im going to keep with me till im gone.


Im stunned and numb! Here was a great MAN! He allways had
time for a chat, give advice or just laugh with/at you. The movement
will never be the same. SAD LOSS. I havnt skated for nearly six months,
when i heard the news, I just had to go skate!, We are all the richer for
knowing the MAN. so lets all “SKATE-ON!”


Here’s some more


the last photo i took of one-t


Last drop in from Bill using Paul’s board …

One-T had many profound lessons to teach us all. Here he is offering a lesson in Power (Un)Dressing the last time he was in Sydney …