Bret - (One T) - Rest In Peace


I am absolutely shattered to hear of this.

Life journey is way too short for some of us.

My thoughts and prayers are with Brets’ family.


i am absolutley speachless to hear such sad news.

my thoughts are with his family!!


I’ll join you for the pregrab backside session tonight Jimmy

Condolences to family and friends. Always such a happy camper.






the Heavenly Skate Team has a new member…
yet another great skater taken from us all
forever rolling in our hearts
you’ll never be forgotten


really sad news, top bloke and a rad skater.


very sad and very sudden
great guy to ride with




Deepest regrets…RIP


Another direct and tragic hit to the skateboarding gene pool. A good man that will be sadly missed but never forgotten. Sincerest sympathies to friends and family.


I just can’t believe it!!!
I just saw this thread and like so many out there was wishing it wasn’t true.
WHAT A LOSS! :cry: …to everyone.


Show those angels how to fly.


Still reeling from this news. 47 is too young. Huge sympathy to Bret’s family. A great all round rider, freestyle, slalom, and bowls, one-T was one of skating’s great spirits, a unique personality, a friend to all, from the grottiest latest hottie to the tallest corporate poppy, he was generous, and had a priceless talent for making sure every moment was lived to the hilt and importantly was fun - for himself, and those around him. “Over 45” jams, which are always one of the highlight’s of my year, will never be the same again. RIP Bret.


My disbelief is being over come by waves of grief. It’s just wrong that the fit guy, the guy with the wash board stomach, the wise one, the one with his act together, has been taken so young and so suddenly.

It is with great sadness and many tears that I am forced to bid you farewell.

Bret, One-T, you gave us so much.
More than just the G-turns, daffies and fully out back side airs,
More than the fast slalom times and the high high-jumps,
More than just taking the mickey out of your self with a head set radio and wig.

You inspired us to get back on our boards after 20 years – when no one else over 30 was skating.
You gave us MOSS.
You gave us the first MOSS Jams.
You showed us what to do and we now follow your lead.
You put your job on the line for your mates and the first MOSS Tank.
That wouldn’t have happened without you pulling the strings.
You always helped those who needed it. They know who they are.
Your generosity included not just product, but opportunities, advice, counseling
and most of all friendship.

Your wise words defined what we do, what we have become,
our culture, our brotherhood.

My thoughts are with your family.

Bret with One-T, RIP forever.


Fuck… When we were told the sad news about the Man of with such a big heart in life had just passed away we fell to our knees. Johnny Magrath just didnt know where to turn or what to say. Chris just gathered his board and bag and went home very upset. That was the end of that session for me.

This truly suxs One-T was one man that I really enjoyed skating with and snaking in on him. He would always tell me off for it, but it was always repayed when some young guns would come along and I would snake them and then call Bret into the bowl so it always was a joke to us. Along with “It’s a bowl Bill why dont you carve it, there are more things to skating this place than airing a hip or a spine”. Then One -T would skate and I would say “Dont just go around and around there are more things to do in this bowl then carve you know”…He…He…He

I will miss those Backside airs and those Inverts that he would do at every skatepark that we hit. But most of all I’ll just miss the MAN himself, but the memories will live a lifetime.



so tragic can not believe it my condolences to his wife, kids and moss ,his skateboard family . so close to christmas im lost for words


How to respond to such sad news, this is the best i could do at the moment.

My deepest sympathies and condolenses to all of Brets family, direct
family and skate family. I knew and skated with Bret at the beginning of
his skating life and also at the end of it. I only wish I hadn’t missed out on
so much of his life inbetween, one of the first to welcome me back into
the skating world of MOSS and treated me as if I never left, a guy that
I respected for his passion towards his skating and life in general. You
WILL be remembered and sadly missed old friend. I thank you for
sharring a small part of your life with me, may your passion live on forever.

(Back Side Air for one-T)


Here’s some more shot’s of ONE-T…



So very sad. My deepest condolences to his family for the loss of a father and to MOSS for the loss of a brother.