Bones Brigade Autobiography


This is available for download now from

Australian cinema dates;

in Melbourne at Village Jam Factory: 4pm session on Sunday Nov. 25

in Sydney at Dendy Newtown: 4pm sessions on Friday, Nov. 30; Saturday Dec.1 and Sunday Dec.2


Actually, it is not available for download. … w-zealand/

So when are the fuckers with exclusive rights that prevent Aussies buying the film direct going to do a digital download? Oh they aren’t?

Well sorry Bones Brigade and Australian distro (JB Hi Fi?), I’ll be borrowing a copy off a mate :imp:


Yeah, I bet Peralta is regretting going in to this exclusive Aust/NZ deal now. Cocked up all the “bundled” packages they were selling down here too.

Weird thing is I did get sent an email on 7 November and was able to download the movie. I only found out about the Aust/NZ problem when I went to their site to see about some other stuff I ordered and paid for in early October but haven’t received.

Just saw iTunes have it available for pre-order.


I think i will buy it from JB sometime next year when it’s in the bargin bin … :smiley:


Trailer: … plpp_video

DVD exclusively available at JB Hi Fi Dec 5

Also available for digital download through iTunes Dec 5


seen it a few weeks back in full, wasnt as good as i expected it would be.


was it hype damage,


there was some good footage i hadn’t seen before…


o totaly enjoi ed it. or was that the bloke in the seat behind me smoking a joint which lance hits the nail on the head about in his comments.


hype, stacey’s over explanation.
At leats Lance told it as it is.
Plus where’s the rest of the “brigade”???
Many a skater interviewed and many more deleted from the doco? :smiling_imp:


true i know of one missing. but at least it gave me a greater appreciation for the man that lance is no bullshit there.


took local and international positive and negative comments on the watch and forgot them all along the way and enjoyed the afternoon,


anyone want a poster i have 4 off



If you still a spare one I’ll grab one!

If you see ‘Bad’ Billy H pass it onto him as he’s heading to CBRY over Xmas.


no worries dave will pass on two to billy wed night at onet night if he comes along as iam shaw he will.