Bennetts on a cab street reissue????


Hey all,

Looking at getting a cab street deck and want a super turny setup - has anyone tried the BV trucks and would you recommend them for this deck for lots of fast skatepark fun.



I had Bennetts on a park deck and they were great, yeah super turny. There’s a school of thought that the sharp edges would catch on coping but that wasn’t a problem. The kingpins do protrude a lot to accommodate those huge bushings which could be a consideration if you’re one of those rad smith grinding types which I’m not. For hooning around the skatepark and fast carves I give em 2 thumbs up.


i personaly would suggest wedging a set of indys with soft bushings . or the like just my opinion.


if you are a grinder maybe not but wide bennetts or wide tracker racetrack make the best bowl carvers…


thanks guys