ANZAC Weekend skate plans in NSW/ACT?


Hi guys,

Is it worth networking to see if there is a suitable day on the ANZAC day holiday/ weekend fro crew to meet up and skate.

The CROSS crew have been discussing either:

Galston, 5 Dock, Riverwood


Molong, Milthorpe, etc

Any takers and/or ideas?


I would be interested in any session in NSW, perhaps we could add Macquarie Fields in the choices ? Please post the result



Macquarie Fields sounds like a good idea, I have not skated it yet!

I’ll keep you posted if it goes ahead!


you guys coming up to the big smoke?


Yeah the trip is on:

We are leaving Canberra at 6:30am.

Heading to Macquarie Fields,
Then Riverwood
Then the private backyard ramp

Hope to catch up with some of the Sydney crew!