Anne Harding - Green Team FAN CLUB


As president of the newly formed “Anne Harding fan club” I would just like to let everyone now there is nothing quite like a fast fast woman !

Membership is free…


Sign me up Fox.
Anne ripped it up at NP & worked her asre off helping to pack the haybails up on the monday after the race.
By the way ASRA, I gave Anne a few NP T’shirts before we left the campsite. :confused:
I think I told you that before ???
The girl rocks !!!


Indeed. She is fast, she gave me a couch in Van, picked me up at the airport, shared her tent with me at DangerBay and kicked my ass there haha!! She is off Internet since she moved to her new place though.


If that was from the Australian Mag… have a look at who is on page 24.

  1. sign me up for a membership ! Who will be australias first women off speed ??? :smiling_imp:

Yeah thanks bernie, I did a bad scan of Miriam’s “check out” but I will post a better one up here soon… I think ‘famous on line’ already has his own private Miriam fan club going already though.


Me, if I can get my citizenship haha!! (or at least my permanent residency)


Vernon DH 2008 -last weekend-

1st- Haven Anderson (first win)
[color=red]2nd- Anne “Hardcore” Harding (first podium)
3rd- Anne “Annator” O’Neill (first podium)


Go ANNE!!!
she rules so hard! radness…!
and is a super cool chick to boot!
look out for her in the next year, she’s going to heaps of events…


Lots of An on that podium, Anne, Anna and An-derson



Far out! I didn’t get to see any of those articles. Cheers Foxy.
My sis rides longboards too but nothing as serious as sliding or DH.
You girls rock at keeping it real. Skateboarding is for everyone. :smiley:


saved you a copy fitz see ya at caves run ! nice work on foxtel mate !! got a copy off that too !!


what mag were these articles in?
super cool


hey haggy it was in the sunday magazine ,that comes in the sunday herald on the 1st of june … 3 pages :wink:


if someone could scan the whole 3 pages that would be rad,
i’m trying to compile a folder of press clippings for Newton’s, something to show sponsors and stuff.
i’ll give the sunday mag a ring and see if they have any extras.


I haven’t kept my copy after scanning these three profiles. Sorry Haggy.
Here’s the last skater featured… Benji Dorevitch


The girls of the IGSA. In case you missed my post in the races section.
Brianna, Dasha and Bettina interview after Peyragudes 2008. … d-bettina/




Anne is coming over on the east side for Munnsville this weekend. There are gonna be at least 3 girls there. Anne Harding, Julie Lapointe and myself, should be good fun. Stoked…