ABC Newcastle 2013


Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay, heres some snaps from Newcastle ABC Championships, awesome weekend!


Excellent Dave, rad times !.. 8)


Awesome just awesome!!


off tap,


Fantastic shots. Awesome view of what went on.


grouse stuff dave great to see glen guski still loving it. true vic legend from the 70,s early 80,s.

  1. Sick pics Panga… Glenn"O" ripping buddy. Charlie B ? Dog Town of tap.

thanks for the pix . it was ++ shit - awesome!

what were the results?[i had to mooch off and miss a bus ,then walk to nelson bay,well-i didn’t have to but i think my sponge was a bit frizzled after all the mad mad mad veiwing pleasures.]


great shots Pangy… :smiley: