2015 CROSS SolCal Tour - Photo Album


Did ya’s have a go of the mini with the spine? Looks fun.


A quick skate with Eddie Elgura in Palm Springs


Skate Deck making day with Chuck Hults

Then a quick session at Huntington Beach Vans skatepark, but no photos were taken.


Skateshop & history Mecca - RIPCITY Skateshop

Cove Skatepark Santa Monica

Rossco getting some height

Bennett Harada going off!

Venice Beach skatepark locals!!!

Why use shoes mate!

Long boarder Marco going off in the Venice Beach big bowl!


The Cove




Re-do Marco (Longboarder @ Venice Beach Big Bowl).


Visited Skatelab today.

Great skatepark and awesome skatemuseum.



Trip of a lifetime fellas…well done 8)

Thanks for the pics also.

Thanks to you Pangy (saw the pics of your board), my Andrecht reissue model is on the way from sk8supply.



I have the Park / Pool model for riding and the tribute OG re-issue as a wall hanger, epic decks!

Glad you enjoyed our trip diary mate!


My OG reissue arrived yesterday Pangy.

It’s added to the collection, although I was tempted to set it up for a few moments!This is the deck I lusted over as a 16 year old kid, but I never got to own one back then.

If the park and pool model was as wide as the OG model, I would have bought one for sure. I like my wide decks and 215 trucks 8)


The lost files:

Aura Skatepark and Alex Road San Diego.


Thanks Dave

DS :slight_smile:


Great stuff Dave…

…let’s go back :sunglasses::facepunch::beers: